? Here Is Why Momentum Is Power

? Here Is Why Momentum Is Power

? Here Is Why Momentum Is Power

? Here Is Why Momentum Is Power

? Here Is Why Momentum Is Power

Here Is Why Momentum Is Power

Here is why momentum is power.  Momentum plays an important part in pursuing and achieving most life endeavours  and is particularly important in the early stages of a new fresh business.

WarningFew people really understand the power of momentum, and how to take advantage of it when it happens.  Momentum is serendipitous  – which means it happens outside of our control. But if and when it happens we need to recognize it and use it for our advantage.

Momentum is a curious thing. It is a contagious thing.

Once a person, group, or organization has it,  it comes alive like wildfire . We see it in sports all the time when a team gets the momentum and all of a sudden, their sideline is on their feet, their energy is up, and their fans are cheering louder from the stands.

"It is significantly easier to cross a gap when you have direction and momentum" — Seth Godin Share on X

The same is true in your business or organization. Whether you are the leader or owner, employee or volunteer, you have the ability to help your organization gain momentum. In fact, if you are a leader, it is your responsibility and  when you do create momentum, your business will be that much more successful and exciting .

Momentum leaders are not lucky — they are smart.

ImportantMomentum is what propels the business forward and is what picks you up when you are feeling down.  It’s needed to maintain focus  and apply energy to deliver service at a consistent level.

How would you like to break through and make significant strides in your business? How would you like your business to reach its true potential?

What I am about to share with you will help you create unstoppable momentum in your business and understand why momentum is power.

garfield comic strip momentum
Back To The Physics
One way to keep momentum going is to have constantly greater goals.Mickael Korda

I always wanted to talk about this topic, since I think that “momentum” is very powerful in reaching for our highest goals. So, what is momentum? 

In physics,  the momentum of an object is its mass times its velocity . This means: The more mass and/or velocity the object has, the more momentum it has.

Momentum = Mass x Velocity Share on X

Take the example of a person skiing down a hill: the heavier that person is (or the more ‘mass’ that person has), the faster that person is going down the hill. As a result, that person has a higher momentum.

The greater the momentum, the harder it is to stop the object’s movement.

You can think of  momentum as a force unwilling to come to a halt . In sports we often talk of a team in a momentum to refer to a team on a winning streak that is seemingly unstoppable.  Momentum is built by ensuring that everything goes as planned . Therefore in business, momentum can be expressed as:

Momentum = Production x Motivation Share on X

ImportantWhen you have momentum in business, everything seems to roll forward, stuff gets done, things happen, employees are proactive, customers are happy and extraordinary results are produced. When harnessed, nurtured and built upon,  it can turn viral and spread quickly, resulting in significant business growth .

Momentum in a more practical sense is defined by the strength or force gained by motion or by a series of actions.

ImportantMomentum creates motivation. Motivation creates opportunity and opportunity creates results. That is how it works and that is  why every entrepreneur needs to learn to create momentum  in their business.

Wherever there is motion, there is momentum. Motion drives actions and actions drive momentum. It’s a vicious cycle.

 As you go through the actions, more and more motion is generated . New ideas pop up. Inspiration arises. Things that seemed impossible suddenly become more than realistic.

This is why momentum is power!
The 10x Rule

The 10X Rule is the single most important principle or ingredient needed to achieve extraordinary results. This book explains how you can use big thinking and massive actions to create unstoppable momentum for phenomenal success. In the 10X rule book review, we’ll give an overview of the 10X Rule, its key principles and components. The two key lessons from The 10x Rule are: set outrageous goals and go ‘all in’ on life to achieve your goals.

garfield comic strip purpose
Know Your Purpose
The person without a purpose is like a ship without a rudder.Thomas Carlyle

What inspired you to go into business in the first place? What compelling reason or purpose motivated you to embark on this journey?  The stronger the “why?” is for you, the greater the momentum  you’ll build and be able to sustain it.

Ask yourself: “What do I want to achieve?” Be very clear. The more precise you are, the better.

ImportantWhen times get tough and you find the business losing momentum,  remind yourself of why you’re doing this . Better yet, take regular time out to reflect on your vision and remember why you started up.

“Great minds have purposes, others have wishes.” ― Washington Irving Share on X

First,  you must have a clear vision for the direction you are going  and you must share it with everyone both inside and outside of your organization that can have an impact on this vision.  Your vision must be crystal clear  and unwavering so that the message is resounding and easy to understand.

You need to be committed to your WHY, committed to your GOALS, and committed to the PROCESS.

Second,  your passion for your vision and where you are going must always be at a high level . If you are a leader, remember that people will buy into you, your vision, and passion long before they buy into a company or group. Inherently, people want to be winners and be a part of a winning team.  If your passion and vision incites that feeling, they will jump on board .

How to Build Momentum During Change
comic strip make it happen
Make It Happen
Never be complacent about the current steps; don’t agree and follow the status quo. Be determined that you are making an indelible impact with great change. Now, dress up and go to make it happen!Israelmore Ayivor

Planning is not going to directly build momentum, but it is important! If you want to build momentum for specific reasons,  you must have a game plan .

Without a game plan, you will fail or take a long time to complete your goal.

Like a general in the battlefield,  a meticulous strategy is an important ingredient when you are trying to win . After you have created your game plan, you should then remain not only committed to your goals, but to the process as well. You need to understand that success takes time and can be different for everyone.

“The value of routine; trusting your swing.” ― Lorii Myers Share on X

ImportantWhen you are committed to a project, you install the mindset that no matter what happens and no matter how long it takes, you will persist until you achieve your goal.

There are no buts or ifs.

Successful entrepreneurs and the not-so-successful ones have one thing in common: both give up sometimes, but the only difference is that  those who become successful don’t actually give up on their important goals .

The entrepreneur journey is a roller coaster. There are ups and downs.

WarningWhen the pace of the change is too fast, people can feel overwhelmed or frightened. At that point, their energy starts to dwindle. If the process is too slow, the boulder rolls down the hill and the task can seem overwhelming.

Keeping things moving steadily forward and keeping eyes on the prize will build and maintain momentum.  So, stay committed no matter what you are experiencing in your life at the moment . Your dreams and visions are far more important than what you are experiencing at the moment.

It is impossible to keep momentum if you lack commitment.
HacksIn addition,  consistency is a critical aspect of success . If you truly want to create massive momentum in your business, don’t try to do everything all at once. It is far more important to pick small, simple actions that you are confident you can complete consistently over time.
Leaders Eat Last

As a leader, you must always be on the lookout for ways to help those on your team or under your leadership become successful and embrace the vision that has been painted for them. You will make sacrifices to do this. Whether it is long nights of work, early mornings, or both, showing them that you will go further than anyone to help them, working with a team member to get them to a goal; you must take the responsibility to help “make it happen.” Focus on how you can incorporate these elements into your leadership and take advantage of the incredible power of momentum!

garfield comic strip celebrate
Celebrate Your Progress
The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.George Bernard Shaw

Last but not least,  you should reward yourself for all the hard work you are doing . The more you reward yourself, the more enjoyable your ride on the rollercoaster is. You need to start celebrating small successes.

 Momentum in business is built when you accumulate a series of successes , one following another in quick succession without stopping. Baby steps lead to quantum leaps!

Reinforcement is key to building and maintaining momentum.

WarningThe relapse syndrome is powerful. Psychologists tell us the time it takes to develop a new habit depends on how ingrained the old one is. Thus, it is almost always easier to move back into our comfort zones than move forward into the unknown unless we are highly motivated to do whatever it takes to overcome that resistance.

“I do not know where I am going, but I am on my way.” ― Carl Sandburg Share on X

ImportantReinforcement and celebration are powerful motivators that can drive momentum.  Staying focused on reaching the goal with everyone on board helps people overcome resistance . Help people learn from mistakes and breakdowns, but stay focused on recognizing achievements.

Recognize favor when it comes. Always be scanning the horizon for good things in your life.

HacksWhen God’s favor happens, it doesn’t always come in the package we expect. You might not immediately think how a small success in one area could translate into something significant, but  publicity is built on recognizing potential buzz .

Be Social

Collaborate: The quickest way to slow or kill momentum is to insist on going it alone. Learning how to leverage the knowledge, talents and time of others is critical to producing a productive and efficient outcome. Connect: Invest in the right relationships – both internally and externally – and dedicate time and energy to them. Identify your key influencers and thought leaders, and identify a meaningful pathway of how to approach and engage with them.

Here Is Why Momentum Is Power
Final Thoughts
Over time, the momentum of your consistency creates the friction needed for progress against the gravity of inertia.LeAura Alderson

Momentum can produce quick growth and  enable you to meet all your goals within a very short duration . Many people and organizations will find value in associating with you. You have learned why momentum is power.

WarningYet,  the most powerful effect of momentum is psychological  because opponents begin to fear you and have mental blocks that prevent them from competing with you. On the other hand,  if you have not built momentum, nothing seems to work . You find it difficult to accomplish even small things. Everything you touch turns into poop. Business becomes slow.

Momentum is the key to success of any business.

It only takes a loss of momentum for us to realize just how critical it is. Without it you are far more likely to find yourself distracted and doubting your ability to actually achieve what you set out to do.

Momentum is a funny thing.

When you’ve got it you feel as though anything is possible and you can confidently take on new challenges. Other times it can seem elusive and a struggle to develop.  A lack of it can leave you feeling uninspired , sluggish and if we are not careful, ‘stuck’.

“A river is easier to channel than to stop.” ― Brandon Sanderson Share on X

ImportantUnderstanding that it is far  easier to create momentum when things are already in motion  is critical if you are to successfully manage both your career and the teams and businesses you lead. It is also a great motivator for keeping the momentum alive.

 What you do need is a network of people  that give you constructive encouragement and help you to use the negatives to learn, improve and generate change. These people emphasise the positive achievements and urge you on to achieve bigger and better things and gain momentum.

ImportantCreating momentum will not only help you overcome the challenges that invariably come up but  it will help you remain focused, clear minded and forward thinking rather than stagnating . It doesn’t mean that you will always have a straight and easy path to navigate but rather your ability to nimbly move, adjust and grow along the path will be greatly enhanced.

Momentum is a rare thing, so when it does happen, be ready to fan the flame.

We’d love to hear your success stories of how you leveraged momentum to succeed, so please feel free to share your opinion in the comments section below.

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? Here Is Why Momentum Is Power

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