What I Learned From Lady Gaga

What I Learned From Lady Gaga

What I Learned From Lady Gaga

What I Learned From Lady Gaga

What I Learned From Lady Gaga

What I Learned From Lady Gaga cover
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What I learned from Lady Gaga

Some say the meteoric rise of Lady Gaga to fame will be short‐lived and that she will disappear from the music scene, nearly as quickly as she emerged into it. 

ImportantThis post puts the argument that there is a clear logic beyond the outlandish and eccentric new entry into the entertainment scene and that are five simple, yet powerful lessons, for everybody to learn from the new first lady of the music industry.

Lady Gaga is the definition of an influencer offline and online.

Her music, fashion sense, and passion for social causes have spread around the world in only a few short years.

By 2010, she has become one of the most influential people in the world, as recognized by Time magazine.

This iconic American performer, songwriter and actress has been captivating audiences with her unique approach to music and life. With gorgeous, creative concert stages, Oscar-worthy Hollywood acting and dedicated support of the LGBT community and anti-bullying campaigns, she’s not only talented but kind.

Her still-expanding career has reaped her several Guinness world records, nine Grammy awards, a BAFTA award, two Golden Globes and many others.

Lady Gaga know what she’s doing when it comes to personal branding, and more of us could learn a thing or two if we followed her example. Here are five of the international pop star’s lessons that you need to apply to create a successful personal brand.

Break The Mold

If everyone played by the rules, there would be nothing innovative introduced to the market. Who wants to be “me too”? Do you think Steve Jobs played by the rules? I think not.

The entrepreneurs who make headlines challenge the norm and go off the beaten path and beat to their own drum.

In the professional world, much like Hollywood, if you aren’t bringing something different, then you’re already yesterday’s news. Take lessons from Lady Gaga and find ways to express your individuality to help you get noticed.

Differentiation is critical to brand-building as well.

ImportantIt’s important because our brains are hard-wired to notice differences. So differentiation enables you to stand out and get noticed – not a small feat in the today’s over-crowded marketplace.

Without a doubt, Lady Gaga is as unique as they come — giving Madonna a run for her money.

Lady Gaga is an entertainer, so she knows how to create a breakthrough experience that really brings to life who she is and what she wants to say.

One of the most profitable business principle is about grabbing attention – about capturing the awareness of others and making them notice you.

You want your potential clients and customers to stop their daily routines and take note of your offering, service, product, or unique ideas. What is it about your offering that will make potential customers stop and notice?

Be remarkable. Forget conformity.

Lady Gaga’s music was unlike anything that came before it—and that proved to be a good thing. Doing the same things, in the same way — no matter how valuable — can cause you to be overlooked in the long-run.

Most people don’t like different. They fear and hate what they don’t understand.

ImportantLady Gaga first learned of this at a very young age, when, being too eccentric and provocative, she was made fun of by her peers. That didn’t stop her, though, and today, we know that it is her uniqueness that has made her a great artist and a person loved by many.

Whatever the reason, don’t give up. Before she was Lady Gaga, she was Stefani Germanotta. The aspiring star started out playing gigs at local bars to get her name out. This is one of the lessons I learned from her.

It was her grit and gravitas. It was her unwavering faith in herself and her talents that took her places.

Entrepreneurship can be a long, grueling and thankless process, but you can’t let it get you down. Begin with the end in mind and persevere. Make a difference.

When it comes to being a successful business owner, you have to have faith in yourself and your idea despite hearing “no” a lot.

Don’t be afraid to “dance to the beat of your own drum” when you set out to conquer your goals.

If more professionals were as fearless and persistent as Lady Gaga, they’d be happier and more fulfilled, because they’d be living out their dreams and not settling for second best.

Another thing Lady Gaga does flawlessly is being consistent with her ability to perform, excite, and inspire through her craft.

Her fans always know what to expect and they always come back for more. Likewise, employers seek out individuals who are consistent in their work and abilities because those workers are usually trustworthy and reliable. 

Lady Gaga is a well oiled hit-making machine.

Just when one of her songs starts losing steam, we are introduced to another tune that we just can’t get out of our heads. She keeps herself on our radar screen.

On-hit wonders are not typical only of the music industry.

ImportantMany businesses might have an initial success with a particular product, or service delivery; but resting on their laurels means that short life-shelf. The competition is catching up very quickly and the market is constantly flooded with new products and innovations.

She’s always inspired by “the next”.

Those who are among the happiest and most successful do themselves a favor by never looking in the past, and focusing on today and tomorrow.  Though Gaga has been making music for a decade, she’s often reminded that legends aren’t made overnight and she still has a lengthy career ahead of herself.

If you don’t keep pace with the market dynamics, you soon become yesterday’s news.

Craft Your Brand

We’re all brands. There’s a word on the street about all of us. It’s what people say about us when we leave a room or hang up the phone.

Lady Gaga shows us that a clearly defined brand is a memorable brand.

Everybody knows about the outrageous costumes Lady Gaga wears to award shows and her performances. But unlike many celebrities, Lady Gaga stays in character virtually all of the time. She doesn’t present herself as a performer who dresses up in goofy costumes from time to time, she instead portrays herself as a unique and creative artist who lives her entire life outside the box.

You can bet that everything Lady Gaga does, says, or wears is part of a strategic plan to market her brand.

ImportantClearly, it’s working. You need to have your own strategic plan in place to achieve your goals. Being strategic means you think about where you are, where you want to be and how you’re going to get from one place to the other.

Don’t wait for branding opportunities to come your way—make your own opportunities!

Lady Gaga is constantly in the news. Why? Because she puts herself there. Whether it is stunts, like showing up to the Grammy awards inside an egg, or controversial interviews, Lady Gaga makes sure she is always being talked about.

Brand experiences should tell a story, appeal to the senses, and inspire — from start to finish. Details matter!

Most companies, of course, wouldn’t want – or need – to create such a spectacle, but they do need to create customer experiences that stand out and send a message.

In addition, fakin’ it until you make it is part of every entrepreneur’s game, especially if they want to attract attention and build their companies.

Though this might require a bit of bravado, it can help keep your mindset positive and your groove strong. Consider Gaga’s approach: “I’ve always been famous. It’s just now that everyone knows about it.

Lady Gaga saw herself as a success story, and therefore, was able to create the runway that allowed her career to take flight.

At every opportunity during her appearance on the Today Show Lady Gaga thanked the people who contributed to her success. She even sent pizza over to the die-hard fans who spent the night on the street waiting for a good spot to watch the concert.

The best way to ensure future support is to positively reinforce past support.

Lady Gaga calls her community her “Little Monsters.” They love it; they love her. She’s written a manifesto and created an app for them. Her website features a wiki-style blog, Gagapedia, which features nearly 2,000 pages of content she and her Little Monsters have created.

Community is what creates impact for brands and for Lady Gaga.

ImportantIf there is one thing that cannot be debated about Lady Gaga it is her adoration for her fans. Her music has influenced millions of people, but she is quick to thank her audience for influencing her life.

Lady Gaga is passionate about promoting equality, positivity, and love, with many of her songs encourage people to be who they are and be free.

In 2011, with the help of her good friend and supporter Oprah Winfrey, she launched the Born This Way foundation with the bold message of “Empowering youth. Inspiring bravery.

To her fans, Lady Gaga is more than a singer or performer.

She is hope, love, inspiration, and empowerment. That’s why she’s able to create such a powerful connection with them. Trying to be everything to everyone will result in very small following.

Companies can develop powerful connections with their customers as well.

For some, this is done by connecting the core values of the brand with customers’ core values. For others, it’s about calling people to a higher purpose to which the company and its customers aspire.

The point is to recognize that, as humans, we all seek meaning in our lives.

Seek Solace In Your Art

For anyone who really loves what they do — no matter the industry — work doesn’t quite feel like work. Lady Gaga falls into this category of thinking, calling her music her healer and her addiction, comparing it to heroin in an interview with  Rolling Stone.

Passionate people often discover themselves through play.

ImportantThey use imagination to open up possibilities and understand their emotional histories. They delight in new ways to express themselves, expand their personalities and move toward their goals.

Lady Gaga has always had a sense of humor about her projects, about the things that frighten and delight her.

Second, people with passion have the courage to be themselves with abandon. We all care what others think about us. People with passion are just less willing to be ruled by the tyranny of public opinion.

Lady Gaga is her own unique creature, whom no one could copy.

But she is indisputably a person who lives an amplified life, who throws her contradictions out there, who makes herself a work of art.

Lady Gaga knows and understands that money is not the answer to all the problems in this world.

While money is essential, we shouldn’t work only for the sake of getting rich, but most importantly for the sake of pursuing our passion and being able to make a difference in the lives of people around us in the process.

Her heart’s desire is not only to live her passion, which is music, but also to impact the lives of the people who listen to her art.

While it’s human nature to go for the safe bet, the biggest opportunities for growth come from the moments of blind faith. Lady Gaga has pulled some crazy stunts over the years, and I imagine she had some amount of fear or trepidation. 

Go big or go home.

Final Thoughts

What I Learned From Lady Gaga Final Thoughts
Do not allow people to dim your shine because they are blinded. Tell them to put on some sunglasses, cuz we were born this way!<span class="su-quote-cite">Lady Gaga</span>
Here is what I learned from Lady Gaga.

The lessons from Lady Gaga are definitely worth repeating and are not limited to artists. Her success factors apply to all organizations looking to be successful in the fast pace and highly changing world we live in.

By following Lady Gaga’s lead, you might just be on The Edge of Glory and get noticed!

There are many practical applications that can be gleaned from what we’ve learned about the pop music mogul’s online and social media presence.  I urge you to take some time and ask yourself the following questions about your brand.

While we may not all be a target of the “Paparazzi”, there are steps we can take to improve our social influence and make more “Money Honey”.

ImportantLady Gaga may not be perfect as a person, and you may even hate her for her being different. But to those who are serious about personal branding, she is more than just a curiosity.

Lady Gaga is a marketing phenomenon. She’s a master at personal branding, and if we’re smart we will all pay attention.

Nevertheless, you cannot deny the fact that her life serves an inspiration to many. What other lessons do you believe we can learn from one of the greatest pop icons of all time? Don’t hesitate to drop your comments below!

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What I Learned From Lady Gaga

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