📚 Russell Brunson – Traffic Secrets

📚 Russell Brunson – Traffic Secrets

📚 Russell Brunson – Traffic Secrets

📚 Russell Brunson – Traffic Secrets

📚 Russell Brunson – Traffic Secrets

Russell Brunson Traffic Secrets cover

Russell Brunson — Traffic Secrets

This is my honest in-depth into new Traffic Secrets book review. If you confused Russell Brunson’s book worth for you or not, you’re in right place.

The big secret about traffic on the Internet is you don’t really have to create it. Your dream customers are already congregating online.

The challenge is to figure out where they are, use a funnel to get them onto your mailing list, and then keep providing lots of value so you grow that list.

Many entrepreneurs have long anticipated the release of Russell Brunson’s Traffic Secrets book, and it’s FINALLY here!

This book is the last installment of his Secrets Series. Compared to other books in this genre, Russell Brunson takes a new and innovative approach to growing your business by focusing on evergreen traffic sources.

The people who put all their focus on creating something amazing (instead of also focusing on getting people to actually see what they created) are the people that fail.

ImportantWith a forward from the godfather of capturing traffic, Dean Graziosi, Russell Brunson has created a book that can help any business capture traffic and grow their business—no matter what position they may find themselves in.

Traffic Secrets is a book on how to get traffic to your site or offer. 

Russell Brunson doesn’t want to write a book about tactics that work this year, he wants to write a book about evergreen methods that will work forever.

The more people visiting your site means the more chances that you will make sales.

WarningBecause of this, you can’t have too much traffic going to your site. Therefore, driving traffic to your site is crucial for your business. You must diversify your sources of traffic to ensure that you have a steady flow. And it is this solution that Traffic Secrets aims to provide.

I tell you here what the secrets are and what will happen once you buy this Traffic Secrets book.

Are you struggling with too little traffic, or do you want more? Then you need to read Traffic Secrets By Russell Brunson! Let’s start!

The Dream 100

Job Number One in generating traffic to your website or your funnel is to identify exactly who your dream customer is.  Develop an avatar for that customer, and enter into the conversation that’s already going on in their mind.

You want to start with your dream customer. Think about who you want to serve.

ImportantOnce you clarify who your dream customer is, only then can you find where they hide, figure out what it will take to stop them in their tracks, and use messages they will relate to so you can get them into your funnel and ultimately onto your contact list.

This is important because you don’t want to serve the wrong group. This step is something many entrepreneurs find it hard and skip.

Try to get in the mindset of your audience and find where you can find them. Try to understand the different pain points your audience is in.

That way you can find them with both search and interests. 

The secret formula from DotCom Secret is still valid. You need to find who you want to serve, then find where they are, create a bait and get the result.

The key here is to access traffic you earn and traffic you buy via your “Dream 100” who already interact with your dream customers.

It’s basically a collection of 100 people of influence that you’d like to work with. These 100 share your values and wouldn’t mind communicating those values to yours and theirs prospects and customers.

Admittedly, it’s a bit of an arbitrary number. You could have a Dream 10, but you want to find different model channels.

ImportantOnce you start finding these model channels, these Dream 100, you start following them and engaging with their stuff and this is how you can network and build relationships with them over time.

Propel Your Funnel

Once you clarify where your customers are, you can then lead them into your funnel — like a modern version of the Pied Piper. You can leverage whatever platforms are in play at the moment to achieve that.

Traffic Secrets doesn’t focus on one method like PPC or SEO, but how these methods change and how you can follow trends in them.

ImportantRussell Brunson explains that the big secret to drive clients into your sales funnel is finding where your dream customers congregate, creating hooks that will draw them in, and then telling them a story.

Promoting your sales funnel today is vastly different than it used to be before the age of the internet.

Before the internet, you would need to use a multitude of different marketing tactics like direct response and door to door sales to reach people. These methods were inefficient and time consuming.

Now, the internet allows groups of like-minded people to congregate in the same spaces.

WarningInstead of going door to door and hoping that the person on the other side of the door was already interested in your product, you can now target these large groups of people who all have something in common.

If you find groups of people who are all interested in your product, you can promote your sales funnel more easily.

This is done through consistent marketing to attract more visitors, leveraging search engines to help the right customers find your products.

Create your own powerful version of the “Tonight Show” and use that to fuel all your traffic generation assets every week.

ImportantTraffic Secrets teaches how to use quality content to attract visitors and keep followers interested, a secret that Russell Brunson used effectively with ClickFunnels.

At the present time, the big platforms worth learning are Instagram, Facebook, Google, and YouTube, but there will be others that rise in the future.

Traffic Is Not Magic

Russell Brunson covers how to get free traffic, however, it still comes at a cost. While you may not be paying money for free traffic, you will have to pay for it with time.

You will use paid traffic if you have more money than time and using free traffic if your situation is the opposite.

WarningRussell Brunson actually talks about that advice of be everywhere is actually some of the most harmful advice to a new person who doesn’t have money to outsource to other people to help them because you burn yourself out and you dilute yourself.

Spend one year mastering one platform. Don’t be everywhere.

ImportantYou can leverage whatever platforms are in play at the moment to achieve that. For all of your efforts, focus on the key elements of Hook — Story — Offer.

If you buy yourself in, it’s recommended that you create something named self-liquidating funnel.

This is funnels where you are also selling something to a low cost. The goal of this funnel is to get your advertising cost back. That way you gain subscribers and customers for free. After that, all income will be profit.

If you have more time than money, getting free traffic is simple. It takes individual market research.

You’ll find where the groups of like-minded people discussed above congregate. You’ll learn at what times they’re all together and how to pull them from there congregation to your website. Using this information, you’ll be able to see an increase in traffic.

Follow up funnels is where you are usually earning most of your money.

You can make money on your front end funnels also, but the big income is from your follow up funnels.

Hack Your Growth

Create a hub — a home website for all your best stuff — which is so good others want to push traffic to it. If you can do that, you’ll be able to tap into other influencer’s distribution channels and grow your list exponentially fast.

Create a bigger audience stream by using affiliates who will spend their own money promoting what you have to offer.

WarningThe more niche your product is, the easier it will be to pitch to fellow merchants. Affiliate commissions of 50% or higher are very common with digital products because you have no cost of replication. Don’t be greedy here, split the pot evenly and everyone wins.

Model what the most successful players are doing and you can scale your company forever.

ImportantFunnel hacking is the process of purposely going through your competitor’s sales or marketing funnel to reverse engineer their process and duplicate it for your own business; the idea in doing so is to rapidly decrease the learning curve to create a successful sales funnel.

Test what works, keep the winners, cut the losers, rinse and repeat.

The goal is to find some actionable strategies that you can implement in your own business that you may have never thought of on your own — with your own twist of course.

This way, you will be discoverable and worth following in the future and traffic won’t be an issue, or even something you have to pay for.

Final Thoughts

Russell Brunson - Traffic Secrets Final Thoughts
I strongly believe that entrepreneurs are the only people on earth who can actually change the world. It’ll happen because of entrepreneurs like you who are willing to risk everything to try and make that dream become a reality.Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson is a legend in the digital marketing field. His company ClickFunnels is a fast growing phenomena in the SaaS industry, and he has a highly engaged group of 100,000+ users, affiliates, and influencers.

Traffic Secrets is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to launch and grow a business online.

It teaches you how to adapt classic business principles in this exploding business field, using its latent features to your advantage.

The content inside is a real marketing strategy.

ImportantSo, you must take the time to learn and apply it to your business. Traffic Secrets book can help your business grow, but it’s a not get rich quick schema. You can’t rich or traffic automatically increasing overnight.

Russell Brunson takes over 15 years to learn and master the concept, strategy, tactic inside Traffic Secrets book.

WarningHowever, you can get the book today, take 2-3 days to read, and a few months to use it in your business and get the results!

Traffic Secrets book by Russell Brunson gives you the keys to put targeted eyeballs on your offers, no matter what you sell. 

Do you think reading it will help your business gain more customers and expand to larger fields? Share this post on your favorite social media channel and let me know in the comments section below!

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📚 Russell Brunson – Traffic Secrets

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