Tricky Interview Questions You Might Not Answer

Tricky Interview Questions You Might Not Answer

Tricky Interview Questions You Might Not Answer

Tricky Interview Questions You Might Not Answer

Tricky Interview Questions You Might Not Answer

Tricky Interview Questions You Might Not Answer cover

Tricky Interview Questions You Might Not Answer

Why should you ask tricky interview questions when you are hiring people?

Why candidates must answer correctly to these interview questions? Why should you relentlessly ask them questions they might not answer?

Have you ever hired someone who, despite a great resume and interview, lacked passion or just couldn’t do the work?

ImportantTo find the right fit, you need to figure out how challenged and fulfilled someone will be with the problems and work that they’ll be doing.

It’s all about having the right person in the right job.

With a few tweaks of your interview style, you may not have such a hard time finding your next great employee.

Hiring the right person is essential.

WarningYour business is only as good as your employees. From the front desk to the executive offices, every employee represents a facet of your business to clients, and to the community at large.

Hiring the wrong person can cost you more than just money.

ImportantThe employees that a business hires are the main factor when it comes to the growth and success that a business will experience in the future.

People don’t cost money if they are scrutinously selected.

Employees not only deal with customers on a regular basis but also are the essential cogs in the machine when it comes to delivering goods and providing any relevant services.

Each person being hired brings something unique to the business and it is important to seek out those with the best qualities.

Being able to dedicate time and resources towards filling positions with employees who are dedicated to the long-term success of a business is paramount to the longevity of any venture.

So, what can you do to ensure that you’re making the best hiring decisions? Here are seven critical and tricky questions that you should start asking in every interview.

Tricky Interview Question At Apple

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Apple is known for being one of the most challenging and exciting places to work, so it’s not surprising to learn that getting a job there is no easy task.

Some require to solve tricky math problems, while others are simply but vague enough to keep you on your toes.

ImportantLike Google and other big tech companies, Apple asks a mix of technical questions based on your past work experience and some mind-boggling puzzles.

Hiring managers don’t expect you to be perfect. They know that everybody fails.

WarningAfter all, if you’ve never failed, then you’ve probably never succeeded on any significant level either. Prospective employers want to know: Do you know how to fail smart and learn from your mistakes?

What are your failures, and how have you learned from them?

The most common mistake is to NOT answer the question.

I strongly recommend that every job candidate prepare an interview story about a failure. Everybody fails — in big and small ways.

The tricky part is to craft a failure example that highlights your strengths and smarts.

ImportantWith the STAR framework, you simply write down a few bullet points for each of the key aspects of your story (Situation, Task, Approach, and Results). This method allows you to hit all of your key points while keeping your answer concise.

Choose a real failure
You must answer the question. Don’t go with something like: “We only improved sales by 35%, but I wanted to do more, so I felt like a failure. I guess I’m just a perfectionist.”
Don’t raise red flags
Don’t choose a failure that was the result of a serious personal mistake or character flaw. A team failure can work well because you share responsibility with others (just make sure you acknowledge your role and don’t try to pass the buck completely)
Focus on learning
Pick a story that ends with a compelling example of a lesson learned. Ideally, you should be able to point to applying your hard-won knowledge/skills successfully on a subsequent project.
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Tricky Interview Question At Google

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Google has a reputation for asking difficult, brainteaser interview questions that challenge how you act under pressure.

Most of them require you to think quantitatively and broadly, and test the way you tackle problems on the spot.

ImportantNot all of Google’s tricky questions are necessarily meant to be brainteasers — some of them sound simple but turn out to be difficult to answer in a concise way.

Good questions are unexpected and thus difficult to script answers for.

WarningThey’re not just the common interview questions every candidate knows to prepare for — like “tell me about yourself,” “walk me through your resume,” or “why do your want to leave your current company?”

What does “being Googley” mean to you?

The words “googley” and “googliness” are not to be found in common language.

Even at Google, where they’ve been coined, it’s not clear to everyone what these words mean though. And that’s no surprise: googliness has indeed more than one meaning.

This question is meant to test whether you have a good understanding of company culture at Google.

ImportantGoogle looks for crazy but innovative nerds. Therefore, being Googley would mean being a crazy nerd who would fit at Google.

Google is known for small teams and a laid-back environment to encourage creativity, innovation, and open communication.

Google’s main focus is on people; they care about inclusivity and the improvement of human life while remaining ethical.

Doing the right thing
That obviously includes not doing anything that harms someone else, or that puts somebody at a disadvantage.
Striving for excellence
Mediocrity is not googley. At Google, unsurprisingly, you find the desire for excellence right at the core, reflected by the goal to “do one thing really, really well.”
Keeping an eye on the goals
Googliness means being focused, and striking a balance between short-term and long-term objectives.
Being proactive
Google’s Code of Conduct says “if something is broken, fix it.” But being proactive also means anticipating moves ahead of time so to take action preemptively.
Being friendly and approachable
Google is famous for being friendly and open; it’s googley to be friendly and open.
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Tricky Interview Question At Amazon

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If you’re about to head into an Amazon interview, that might legitimately be the most intimidating statement ever.

Jeff Bezos believes that the answer to tricky questions helps hiring managers zero in on new talent that meets the company’s exacting standards.

ImportantWhich in turn will improve the overall talent pool in the long run. Bezos himself has been very hands-on with the Amazon hiring process, personally interviewing every single employee throughout Amazon’s early years.

It’s important to understand that talking about your skills is only one part of the equation.

You also need to be ready for Amazon behavioral interview questions. Some of these can be a little tricky, but, when handled properly, behavioral interview questions are also chances to shine.

Can you describe your most difficult customer and how you were able to handle their needs?

Dealing with a disgruntled customer isn’t easy, and Amazon wants to know that you’re up to the challenge.

ImportantAmazon rose to greatness partially because of its commitment to customer service. It made the shopping experience better, even when something didn’t go right.

True leaders start with the customer and work backwards.

They work vigorously to earn and keep customer trust. Although leaders pay attention to competitors, they obsess over customers.

You want to show the interviewer you have the people skills and problem-solving skills needed to help satisfy the customer.

Share an anecdote where you managed to solve the problem. Emphasise how you stayed calm and diffused the situation.

Be specific
Provide enough details to let the interviewer visualize what was going on. Then tell the interviewer about the Action you took. Keep the focus on what you did to help resolve the situation. Finally explain the Result.
Be Respectful
Try to show that you understood how the difficult client felt. You want your interviewer to know that you're capable of looking at a situation from different angles and that you genuinely want to please clients - not just appease them.
Don't skirt around the question
If you have limited work experience it may be a particular challenge for you to tell about a situation when you dealt with a difficult client. Think about other situations in your life. Something may provide a satisfying answer to the interviewer's question.
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Tricky Interview Question At SpaceX

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As you can imagine, getting into SpaceX is no easy task. With companies led by such a brilliant, forward-thinking, innovative leader as Elon Musk, you’ll have to have a stellar academic record, a lot of interesting extracurriculars, and a fair amount of relevant work experience.

You’ll also have to answer a fair number of difficult interview questions.

ImportantElon Musk used to meet some candidates in person, and to conduct other interviews over the phone, depending on the role.

Even though Elon Musk strives to hire friendly people, he’s known for being an intimidating person to interview with.

WarningPeople say he’ll appear disinterested and ask short, pointed questions.

Candidates have to write essays explaining why they want to work at SpaceX and why they should be hired.

Candidates have to wow everyone they interact with during the hiring process, because the recruiting team would only go up to bat for applicants they truly felt strongly about.

Rate yourself vs. your peers on a scale from 1 to 10.

Interviewers can ask this tricky question to determine your skill level in a particular area without having to formally test you.

They want to see if you have strong enough skills to be successful in the position and evaluate if you are lacking in confidence in a particular area.

Rating yourself highly may reflect overconfidence while a low rating could leave a poor impression.

ImportantTo answer effectively, understand the equilibrium between self-confidence and self-awareness. Rate yourself with a number that you can well justify with experiences and achievements.

Answer #1
I will rate myself 8 out of 10 because I would never like to think that there should be a room left for putting in more efforts. That thought will create an interest in learning the things. Thank you very much for giving me this wonderful opportunity.
Answer #2
I’m not a 10 because with every project I work on, I learn about areas of improvement to perform better. I think I know how to work well under pressure without compromising on quality but there is still a lot more to learn.
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Tricky Interview Question At Airbnb

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Airbnb is one of the most valuable private tech companies in the world. If you want to work there, you might have to answer some tricky questions first.

At Airbnb, the values and the mission play a crucial role in preserving the culture.

ImportantTo ensure that all new candidates are truly passionate about connecting people and disrupting the traveling industry, all candidates have to pass two “Core Value Interviews,” regardless of how brilliant they might otherwise be.

Focusing on creative answers, you need to be prepared to tell vivid stories that highlight teamwork, leadership and innovation.

If Airbnb likes you and feels that you are a great fit, they will do their uppermost to find you a position, even if it is not in the original position you applied for.

It is all about having the right attitude and willingness to work which will get you hired.

What is the biggest misconception that your coworkers have about you?

Behavioural interviews use probing questions to illuminate your past behaviours and to identify your similar future performances.

WarningThis question pierces right to the core. It may be difficult to maneuver your way around as you strive to remain genuine and honest in your answer.

The interviewer is basically asking what kind of employee you are, and trying to decipher if you will be a good fit within their team.

The interviewer is guessing what kind of person you really are or if you even have a clear perception of yourself.

Bad: Avoid touchy topics to avoid speculation
Your first interview may be your only chance to close the deal. You need to make every answer work to your advantage.
Good: Practice what you preach
Taking it a bit further with details or examples makes your answer all the more believable. Employers usually value transparency in their employees – under no circumstances do they want to be left guessing.
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Final Thoughts

Tricky Interview Questions You Might Not Answer Final Thoughts
The average person puts only 25% of his energy into his work. The world takes off its hat to those who put in more than 50% of their capacity, and stands on its head for those few and far between souls who devote 100%.Andrew Carnegie

Are you smarter than an interviewer? If you prepare properly, you will be.

Interview questions can be pretty tough.

ImportantDuring a job interview, employers sometimes ask tricky questions to trip you up — not out of maliciousness, but to get an accurate sense of your candidacy.

The real question is how does each perspective employee react to situations outside of their control.

WarningActually, employers know if an employee is qualified to do the work before they walk into the interview.

Interviews are getting increasingly difficult.

ImportantEmployers want smarter employees that can do more for them than just their basic jobs. Creativity and hard work are equally as important.

Be prepared for tricky interview questions and you will rule the game!

Did you encounter recently some tricky questions you would like to share with our community? Share them in the comments below!

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Tricky Interview Questions You Might Not Answer

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