? The Unbeatable Life Lessons You Need To Learn From Tony Robbins

? The Unbeatable Life Lessons You Need To Learn From Tony Robbins

? The Unbeatable Life Lessons You Need To Learn From Tony Robbins

? The Unbeatable Life Lessons You Need To Learn From Tony Robbins

? The Unbeatable Life Lessons You Need To Learn From Tony Robbins

The Unbeatable Life Lessons You Need To Learn From Tony Robbins

The Unbeatable Life Lessons You Need to Learn From Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins has worked with past presidents, top athletes, and even Oprah Winfrey — along with countless other individuals around the world. He challenges you with the idea that anyone can shift their life in a matter of a single moment. Today, I’d like to share with you the unbeatable life lessons you absolutely need to learn from Tony Robbins.

Tony Robbins has touched the lives of more than 50 million people around the globe.

Known for being a foul-mouthed, crazy, intense but extremely soft-hearted person, Tony is the inspiration behind most self-help moguls out there. He is also a genius when it comes to self-improvement.

Thanks to a deep understanding of human psychological processes, Tony Robbins has advised leaders all over the world for many decades.

He is well known for teaching others how to create lasting change in their lives and helping people get unstuck. Through his various self-help programs, he has assisted millions of people to transform their lives for the better.

Tony Robbins is known mostly for his concert like motivational seminars. At these events you will see thousands of people screaming “Make your move ! Say Yes!”.

The crowd usually goes wild as the inspirational giant leads everyone into a peak state right before they walk across a bed of fiery, burning hot coals — a metaphorical experience for being unstoppable.

Over the years, Tony Robbins has given countless self help as well as life lessons. It’s up to you to follow them or not!

Whilst it is almost impossible to adequately express the impact of his personal development program on coached people, I am going to unpack some of my key takeaways and useful life lessons with you from my own experience. Here are seven life changing lessons on success, happiness and wealth that I’ve learned from Tony Robbins.

Lesson #1: Where Focus Goes, Energy Flows

The Unbeatable Life Lessons You Need to Learn From Tony Robbins - Where Focus Goes, Energy Flows

This life is a gift that we get to experience. It is magical and must be treated as such. When you visualize a future that truly excites you, you actively change your life. You create a beautiful, magnetic pull towards what’s possible.

What we focus on feels real to us in the moment, and whatever we pay more attention to in our lives grows.

Tony’s excellent at guiding the focus of a room full of thousands of people in his seminars, and you can be too. He does this most effectively by asking specific questions. It’s our questions that direct our focus. And when we get to the root of it, we all have at least one primary question that drives drives our focus, that directs our energy, and that creates our story and our life.

If we shift our focus to something we would love to have, our mind & body experience the same emotions.

The law of attraction is at play here too. Do you ever wonder why when you wake up in a bad mood you seem to have a crappy day? This is because your mind is already in a state of negativity. Your mind then searches for things to support this.

If you are focused on your excuses for why you can’t achieve something, you will empower that limiting belief more and more.

When you put your mental focus into why you can’t do something or how it can go wrong you create this limiting belief to be even stronger. What direction you place your focus in is the direction you are heading towards. You can not easily move forwards when you are staring at the road behind you.

Nothing is more critical than focus. If you fail to reach your goal, it is because somewhere along the way your focus was broken.

Focus is power; a focused person can accomplish more than 100 individuals who are merely interested. We experience whatever we focus on, good or bad. Think everyone is untrustworthy? Life will prove you right. Think you’re great at creating money? Your bank account will fill to overflowing. And so on!

Lesson #2: Change Your Experience

The Unbeatable Life Lessons You Need to Learn From Tony Robbins - Change Your Experience

If you can’t change your actual circumstances, change your experience of them. This is all about your mindset. Tony Robbins speaks highly about how many books he read when he was challenged from his physical environment.

You should use words that fit into the person you want to become.

Tony’s book Awaken the Giant Within has a whole list of words you should and shouldn’t be using. Words matter. Find some good ones and stick to them. Pick and choose the ones you want to use and THROW OUT the ones that you know are harming you.

Every day, we have a story of our lives. It is the description of our current existence. We tell these stories to ourselves and to others as well.

Tony teaches us that when you begin to determine the stories that you want to tell others, you begin to shape your own life according to your desire. You can give the events in your life a positive outlook as you tell your story. In this way, you can begin to live a better one than you ever imagined.

Pay attention to the reasons you give to yourself as to why you’re not where you want to be. 

I bet you have a bunch of stories you tell yourself that are holding you back. Find the story behind it. Then kill that story with facts. Work on this until the story you tell yourself aligns with the reality you want to create.

Change your thoughts, change your life.

How you think and view the world affects the story that will be told about your life. Your story is one of three elements that can lead you to finding a breakthrough — that is, learning how to create lasting change in your life.

Lesson #3: Small Change, Big Impact

The Unbeatable Life Lessons You Need to Learn From Tony Robbins - Small Change, Big Impact

Sometimes we can feel incredibly far from reaching a goal or making a long term project successful. The 2 mm rule is one that explains you are much closer to the goal than you think.

Some of the most successful changes are not the biggest game-changer moves.

But the small 2 mm shifts that instantly manage the effectiveness of something already in motion. There is a branch of mathematics called Chaos Theory that has proven time and time again that the consequences of small actions can accumulate to incredible results. It’s incredible the impact that small changes in our lives can have way down the road.

The smallest changes can almost always result in the biggest achievements.

According to Tony Robbins, a 2mm difference in where you kick a soccer ball determines whether you will score a goal or not. You can apply the same concept to your health, finances, business or family life. Find out what you need to slightly adjust in any of these sectors and you will achieve the happiness that you desire.

Predictable days and habits keep us in a rut. Every week, pick one new small change you want to make.

Intentionally shake up the routine and try something you’ve never done before. Even a small change, such as watching an interesting TED Talk while getting ready in the morning or experimenting with a new menu item on the grill can trigger new energy.

Sometimes jumping into a cold pool is just what you need, or a cold shower, and other times that might not be the best approach.

If you are looking to change a habit like making better food choices, exercising more, procrastinating less, or eliminating fears you might have to take a slower approach, one that emphasizes one small step at a time. This can reduce a lot of confusion, anxiety, and feelings of being overwhelmed.

Lesson #4: Decisions Create Destiny

The Unbeatable Life Lessons You Need to Learn From Tony Robbins - Decisions Create Destiny

More than anything else, your decisions decide your future. Its how you play the cards that you’ve been dealt that matters most. Decisions decide destinies! The decision to further pursue your education, the decision to start your own business, the decision to just sit around and make excuses; your life is a result of the decisions that you’ve made.

It is not our circumstances that define our destiny, rather the decisions we make, because each decision we make leads us to a destination in our lives.

Think about it…was there a decision in your life that had you made a different decision, you’d be in a completely different place? That’s the power of making decisions: embrace it fully and make your decisions from a place of love; those are the best decisions after all.

Why don’t people make the decisions necessary to change their life?

Because they are scared. People usually have this monstrous idea of what a decision looks like, as if you have to decide to change every little thing about yourself overnight, which feels completely unattainable and scary.

A decision towards your ideal life is the first step in living that life. Without that decision, you’ll remain where you are forever.

Make a small decision. Take an itty step towards your goal. Decide something today. Make a decision every day and your life will change! What are the decisions you are sitting on? Take the plunge and act towards them!

Your decisions create your destiny. Period.

There are three main decisions that we make on a daily basis that guide our lives forward. They include what we are focusing on, how much it means to us and what we need to do about it. Tony Robbins says that we can actively shape our destinies by answering these three questions.

Lesson #5: Be Grateful

The Unbeatable Life Lessons You Need to Learn From Tony Robbins - Be Grateful

Extreme gratitude is as much a hallmark of Tony Robbins as is Neuro Linguistic Programming. Dude’s grateful for everything. In fact, part of his morning “priming” routine as referred to above is to be grateful.

Every morning, Robbins takes time to speak gratitude — to be grateful for the opportunities he has, the people in his life, living the life he does.

Even if he has earned and worked for everything he has, he still does not take it for granted. Gratitude change things. You are 100% in charge of your thoughts and emotions. You alone have the power to think what you want to think. Be grateful for the people in your life, even the ones who taught you lessons the hard way.

When we have expectations, we set ourselves up for disappointment if they’re not met. 

Rather than waiting for life to match our expectations, focus on what we can appreciate in this moment. Gratitude sees everything as a gift, and abundance becomes our natural state. A Regular practice of feeling grateful is proven to better equip the body at releasing the hormones required to feel happy.

Gratitude brings more things to be grateful for.

Tony Robbins teaches the question, what can I be grateful for right now? Transformation is layered into every aspect of life. Gratefulness will help motivate you to continue towards the path you desire.

Gratitude is the most powerful tonic for life yet too often we focus on what is missing from our lives and what we don’t have rather than on all that we do.

It keeps us living in scarcity, fuels resentment, self-pity and a sense of powerlessness. So stand guard of your mind and when you catch yourself dwelling on what’s missing, refocus your attention on all that you already have. Because no matter how dire things may seem, there is always something to be grateful for.

Lesson #6: Results Matter The Most

The Unbeatable Life Lessons You Need to Learn From Tony Robbins - Results Matter The Most

Tony Robbins teaches that the most effective way to achieve a specific result that you want is to maintain focus on it and not the activities required to achieve it. Tony proposes a plan known as the RPM plan. It is a Results-focused, Purposeful, Massive-action plan. This one shows that when you maintain focus on your desired results, you will automatically come up with the actions needed to get there.

A to-do list is unfulfilling in it’s structure.

We have a moment of cool, I finished this, and then we move on. And sometimes we can get so caught up on our to-dos, we can miss out what we’re really after: our results. Start with your result, capture your strong WHY to fuel yourself through achieving it, and create a massive action plan that’ll most effectively get your result. This way, all of your actions are focused and guided to best hit your target — rather than getting caught up with just getting busy.

Having a clear vision of what you want is an absolute priority.

If you don’t know where you’re going, how can you head there? That would be like driving to New Mexico from New York with no map and no GPS! When you create a powerful vision, it gives you a specific idea of where you want to end up, and you can reverse engineer the path to get there.

We have all struggled with life’s challenges. Figure out what you can do that is larger than yourself.

When you create something that’s bigger than yourself, it gives you the energy and drive to see it through. Find something that you feel drawn to that also helps others and increases the vibration of this planet. This mission will be what pulls you towards living your best life!

Tony Robbins believes that the richest achievement you can reach is the experience of meaning.

If your purpose is simply to make more money, you are always going to want to make more and more, never reaching an end. But if your purpose is to give your life meaning by being a positive influence on your community and the world, then that is how to live your best life.

Lesson #7: Do It Now

The Unbeatable Life Lessons You Need to Learn From Tony Robbins - Do It Now

After you set a goal, pick something small you can execute on, like listing out necessary tasks, purchasing a software, contacting someone important, or asking yourself important questions if you need some clarity. This will help you start generating momentum right away, momentum which you can then build upon over time to accomplish something great.

The only way to reach your goals is to start them. Tony speaks of the necessity of using your time wisely and being one of the few who do versus the many that talk.

The fact is many procrastinate starting the steps to their dreams out of feeling overwhelmed or incapable, but the only way you can ever get there is by starting and showing up each day. This brings me to the next life lesson.

Working towards your personal dreams and goals is one of the most fulfilling expressions of human happiness.

Whenever you face a difficult challenge and overcome it, your soul and heart both rejoice in the achievement. Tony says that we should understand the link between happiness and achieving our goals. Strive to overcome the hardship associated with your goals and make gradual progress until you achieve success.

It’s easy to live with excuses and justifications about why you can’t do what you want, at least not now. Maybe later.

But inaction exacts an increasingly steep toll on our lives. Nothing is a more powerful antidote to fear than action. Massive action! Don’t wait to know everything before you do something. Ask for help. Learn a skill. Read a biography. Hire a coach. Join a group. Just do something, every single day!

How many goals have you set? When do you want to fulfill them?

As humans, we’re in a habit of making goals, setting new year’s resolutions and then forgetting that we need to put in effort for them to come true. According to Tony Robbins, the best way to reach your goals and dreams is to starts chasing them right now. From the moment you decide you want something, you should already be working towards it. No matter how small your goal is, avoid procrastinating it’s fulfillment.

Final Thoughts

The Unbeatable Life Lessons You Need To Learn From Tony Robbins Final Thoughts
You are now at a crossroads. This is your opportunity to make the most important decision you will ever make. Forget your past. Who are you now? Who have you decided you really are now? Don’t think about who you have been. Who are you right now? Who have you decided to become? Make this decision consciously. Make it carefully. Make it powerfully.Tony Robbins

Over the years, Tony Robbins has taught me, and many others, a lot about life. Five years ago, I applied all that I learned through his books and it made a big impact on my life — and continues to do so today.

Tony Robbins has guided millions of people to the lives of their dreams.

His opinion and guidance is respected by anyone from top business-people to athletes and public figures. Learn and adopt his life lessons to change your life for the better. You can avoid the time-consuming hassle of trial and error by just modeling someone else.

Tony promotes modeling and immersion training as one of the best and fastest ways to achieve mastery in a skill or area of life.

He urges you to ask yourself: What’s a result you want in your life right now? Who’s accomplished it? How can you model them to get the result you want now?

If you choose even one of these great pieces of life lessons from Tony Robbins and stick with it, you will drastically shift your life for the better.

Choose more than one, and you will create some serious magic! Find what truly truly lights you up in life, and then water and cultivate it like a small plant. Plant the seeds you want to grow into the future that you seek.

If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.

Sometimes, people do the same thing over and over again while expecting different results. If what you’ve been doing so far has not been working in your favor, that’s your cue to try something new, or a different way.

Conversely, by using the power of passion and positivity, you may soon see an avalanche of abundance in your life.

If you haven’t yet, take some time to explore his knowledge and see what you can learn from him yourself. Nowadays, that’s easier than ever to do for free with podcasts narrated by Tony himself as well as countless YouTube videos of his speeches, interviews, and interventions. Let me know your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!

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? The Unbeatable Life Lessons You Need To Learn From Tony Robbins

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