Miley Cyrus – Her Personal Lessons For Living Like a Wrecking Ball

Miley Cyrus – Her Personal Lessons For Living Like a Wrecking Ball

Miley Cyrus – Her Personal Lessons For Living Like a Wrecking Ball

Miley Cyrus – Her Personal Lessons For Living Like a Wrecking Ball

Miley Cyrus – Her Personal Lessons For Living Like a Wrecking Ball

Miley Cyrus - Her Personal Lessons For Living Like a Wrecking Ball

Miley Cyrus — Her Personal Lessons For Living Like a Wrecking Ball

Miley Cyrus has been turning heads and showing off her tremendous talent since her early teenage years. There are some personal lessons to take from her that is nothing less than living like a wrecking ball.

In recent years, Miley Cyrus has outgrown the Hannah Montana era and has taken the music world by storm.

From her invention of twerking to her appearance on the VMA’s, Miley Cyrus has definitely transformed. Although many people may perceive her life decisions negatively, I choose to admire Miley for her uniqueness and individuality.

She may still be young, but she’s already gone through several incarnations of her career, and she shows no signs of slowing down.

Say what you want about Miley Cyrus, but you have to admit one thing: she knows how to command the spotlight and evolve to stay current and stay relevant.

According to Opposing Views, the pop-princess turned hip-hop artist is a public relations genius.

Whether it’s because she’s constantly sticking her tongue out to the audience, singing about drugs, or swinging naked on top of a wrecking ball, she’s becoming more famous than ever.

If you’re hoping to achieve success — in any field, creative or otherwise — there’s a lot you can learn from Miley Cyrus’s achievements.

She turned countless negative headlines and some questionable crossover-genre music into a chart-topper, and there has got to be something said for that. Here are a few observations on what Miley Cyrus is doing. Many of these lessons can be applied to your business and your own life too. Read on!

Lesson #1: It Isn't Nothing But a Party

Miley Cyrus - Her Personal Lessons For Living Like a Wrecking Ball - It Isn't Nothing But a Party

Doing the same thing all the time can get boring, no matter what line of work you’re in. Miley Cyrus always makes an effort to make it fun, whether it’s spicing up live performances or trying something unexpected on a recording.

If you can make your work fun, you’ll certainly be happier, and you’ll enjoy your success more when you get it.

Many of us assume that we need to make drastic changes to our habits, routines and/or bank balances to be happy and enjoy life. Fortunately, that’s not the case. Often, we already have everything we need to enjoy life — it’s just a question of prioritizing what’s really important.

Are you doing what you want to do? Are you excited by all of it?

If the answer is no, it’s time you took a look at what’s happening and make a decision: That enjoying life is a priority for you. That doesn’t mean you have to be reckless and give up on those responsibilities, but it means that maybe putting your own enjoyment a bit higher on this list could really shift how you feel about your life.

Remember, you are responsible for your life. If you do not love your life right now, you can choose and make a decision to change.

Sometimes it may not be easy, but you can take the leap of faith and do it anyway. It is all up to you. You must understand how life works and commit to yourself that you are the one that is living your life, not others.

Humans feel happy when they are connected to others, but also when they give or create something of value.

It doesn’t have to be curing cancer (of course that would be amazing!); it could be more simple like being a carpenter and building things that people want or need. Whatever the job, you feel a deep sense of gratitude for being able to help and serve people. You feel like you are giving back and giving people your unique ideas, abilities, and talents.

Do you like dull moments? I know the answer. Nobody likes a struggling phase.

The fact is we forget that these dry periods are one of  the most important moments to generate a lot of spice and adventure. By surviving these harsh winds, we discover a lovely path. Without understanding sadness, we cannot measure the value of happiness.

Life is filled with stressors and responsibilities. But just because life gets serious, doesn’t mean we have to.

Now, I’m not talking about shirking responsibilities. I’m talking about finding some fun while getting the job done. Take a dance break, wear an ugly sweater, listen to cool music. If you want your life to be more fun, you’re going to have to start with you and be more fun yourself.

Lesson #2: You Can Change Everything

Miley Cyrus - Her Personal Lessons For Living Like a Wrecking Ball - You Can Change Everything

By changing her hairstyle, getting tattooed and altering her style of music Miley Cyrus no longer looked, acted or sounded like Hannah Montana. But she didn’t stop there. She also changed the conversation. People started thinking ‘twerk’ instead of ‘Hannah’ when they saw her.

Though her short spiky haircut and bleach-blonde dye job were just the beginning of her rebranding efforts, Miley Cyrus did create a new image. 

That’s why rebranding should not be taken lightly. Miley’s new image is somehow doing wonders for album sales, and I’m not sure they’d be as strong without her racy look. She says this is the true her, though, and in that respect, she’s sticking to her guns and creating an authentic — albeit controversial — personal brand.

Few years ago, Miley Cyrus wasn’t known for her onstage antics, but for her cute face on The Disney Channel.

She had a successful career as a young actress, but decided she wanted to tarnish her pristine image and get a bit of grit under her nails. Sure, you don’t have to stick your tongue out and wink to reinvent yourself like Miley did. Just set a goal for what you want to be known for, and work your tail off to shift into that reiteration of your personal brand.

Twerk it out to stand out. It may not look pretty when she does it, but Miley Cyrus has been able to redefine something anyone can do into something she’s known for — twerking.

Her ability to be known for something is remarkable. Practically anyone can be a blogger, as I know in my business. But what makes me stand out from the rest? In a way, I have to create my own sense of twerking by doing something only I can do and being known for rocking it.

Marketing can be used to shift a brand overnight.

While it takes years to create a brand and to ensure it attracts the right people, it can take a minute to destroy it and change the direction of its image. While it can be a dangerous thing to do, especially if you don’t have enough fans to support it backfiring on you; it can also push you in a new direction with great traction.

Your image might be the one thing you feel is holding you back and making you lack confidence.

If you’ve had the same old tired look for ages, then it may be time to change your appearance in some way. Spend some money on yourself and get a new hairstyle, buy a new wardrobe of clothes, and just do things to make you feel as though you are special. It amazing how you can feel more comfortable and confident in certain clothes when you make the effort — so make an effort more often!  

Lesson #3: Be Memorable

Miley Cyrus - Her Personal Lessons For Living Like a Wrecking Ball - Be Memorable

In the business world, it’s not enough that people recognize your brand. Let them know who you are and what you represent. Don’t just be that “one among many“. Be that one that makes them forget about all the rest.

Don’t be afraid to go against the grain.

Just like her performance in the VMAs back in 2013, her Instagram posts are usually extremely memorable and can remain a trending topic on Instagram for days. The marketing lesson we can learn here is the importance of memorability if your marketing efforts are to bear fruit, and Miley Cyrus’s Instagram is the embodiment of this lesson.

It can actually be difficult to find positive ways to stand out from the crowd because it is in our nature to go with the flow.

However, there are benefits to standing out. One sure-fire way to make sure you don’t get noticed is to stay and talk with the same group of people for the duration of the event. Mingling, or making your way through the crowd and introducing yourself to many new people, is the first and most important step to standing out in any social situation. To get noticed, you have to be seen.

Your story is your signature to the world. Period. Your personality is a signature to the world.

Your charisma, charm, or style and your story are all your signature to the world. Only one person has it, and it’s you. Where you came from, who you were in high school, the struggles and victories you went through, and your interests are all part of your story and what help you to be more memorable. People want to know these things about you, so if you can figure out your signature, tell it in snippets.

It’s the extremes that get noticed. If you’re wondering how to be memorable, different beats better by a mile.

If you are going to compete on being better, you need to be way better or way faster or way more professional. That’s not hard, that is way hard. Instead of being way better, try being different. It is usually significantly easier to do. If your industry is stuffy, be the casual guy. If your industry is casual, be the unwavering professional in a stylish suit. The goal is to stand out from the status quo. Look at what everyone else is doing, and don’t do that!

Trying to hide the traits that make you unique will not make you memorable.

We must strive to celebrate our uniqueness. Do crazy stunts, wear colourful stripy socks to work, grow a perfectly trimmed beard if that’s what you want to do. Wear flowery dresses rather than a neat boring suit. Share what makes you different, unique and human and you will be remembered.

Lesson #4: Safe Is Risky

Miley Cyrus - Her Personal Lessons For Living Like a Wrecking Ball - Safe Is Risky

Being in business means you are subject to ebbs and flows. So when something disrupts your flow, don’t let it hold you down. If you lose a client, try not to let that knock you down. Pick yourself up and twerk your way back on up. After all, your success may be tough, but the rewards can be big.

Don’t be afraid to take risks. Miley Cyrus sure isn’t.

Perhaps, such extreme measures were needed to help her break out from her former teen star image into the rebellious star she’s become. Likewise, reinventing your business’ image to go in another direction is not without costs and if you’re willing to take risks (the right risks, of course), rewards are underway.

Whatever you’re doing, be sure to go all the way.

When making a business decision, don’t have your one foot ahead of the other. When you decide to do something, go all the way. It’s best to give a clear picture of what you want to say rather than confusing — even boring — your consumers by playing it safe.

When life puts you in tough situations, don’t say why me, say try me.

There’s no successful person in history who never took any risks. Taking risks is the first step in climbing the stairs to success. And it’s natural to make mistakes while taking risks or trying something new for the first time. Also, as you make mistakes, you learn from them.

Remember: your image is dynamic, not static. Nothing is set in stone, and everything can change.

If you’ve kept up at all with Cyrus’s career, you know that this statement is especially true about her image. She went from the sweet, innocent Hannah Montana character to a young twenty-something rule breaker with different hair and revealing clothes. The point is that switching things up is not only possible, but it’s sometimes a viable way to get noticed.

Miley Cyrus is a star of the screen, and she’s a well loved musician, but she’s not afraid to try something new.

In fact, she’s lent her voice to several animation features, including 2008’s Bolt. For her — and really for anyone who hopes to become successful — it’s a great way to branch out and improve her skill set.

Let’s be real, life is a bumpy ride.

You have to go through a lot before reaching where you want to go. However, when you reach there, everything starts to make sense. Life seems a lot easier and you’ll notice that you have what you have been waiting for your whole life, happiness. So, whatever you do, never ever even think about giving up on your dreams and ultimately, on yourself.

Lesson #5: Stay Connected With Your Fans

Miley Cyrus - Her Personal Lessons For Living Like a Wrecking Ball - Stay Connected With Your Fans

Miley’s good-girl image began to crumble after her VMA performance and people started to view her in a more negative light, though she still seemed to receive wide support from her fans. While Miley’s Hannah Montana fans took notice of the change in her music and appearance, many of these fans were also going through a different stage in their lives as well.

If you know who your market is then your only job is to cater to them.

Although 40-something parents may not approve of what she did, you can bet that girls her age got it. Miley Cyrus may have caused some eyes to roll but it sifted through viewers and revealed hardcore fans and maybe, even gained a few thousands. Don’t mind what the others think. If they’re not possible consumers, then why bother listening?

Know your audience and make sure you are doing all you can to keep them engaged and interested in your brand.

If you are somehow offended by Miley Cyrus’s posts on Instagram, chances are that you are not her target audience. There can be no question that she knows who her fans are and she goes out of her way to appeal to them. This is yet another marketing lesson we can learn from her.

The We Can’t Stop singer is acutely aware of who her fans are.

She’s not pretending to appeal to any mums or dads out there. In re-branding herself, Miley Cyrus chose to own her provocative image and isn’t apologetic if she cause offence. Now, her oldest fans are older and crave something less bubblegum, less safe. And Miley delivers.

Whether you’re working in a creative field or trying to develop the latest technology, do what you do to inspire other people and make them excited.

Sure, awards are great, but reaching people — really reaching their hearts — is what matters. Miley Cyrus loves to perform and make music, and if she’s connecting with her audience, that’s what matters to her. Besides, if you do what you love and you always put forth your best work, the awards will come in due time.

Before you start (re)branding yourself, figure out what it is you want to attract.

Miley Cyrus faced the same dilemma that most child stars face: eventually they have to grow up and age. In order to transition with that audience, the star has to be rebranded to keep up with them. She couldn’t stay Hannah Montana forever. She identified who her new target audience was (a new age group) and took steps to identify with them and get their attention.

Lesson #6: Be Authentic

Miley Cyrus - Her Personal Lessons For Living Like a Wrecking Ball - Be Authentic

Miley Cyrus grew up as a Disney star, becoming famous as Hannah Montana, a role she took on as a young teenager in 2006. The show was written and produced for her, so she was a hired employee. Four years later, she broke out of Disney and became her own person.

She crafted her own image and pushed the envelope with her videos. 

She became highly controversial and many people dismissed her as yet another airhead pop tart. But she was much more than the others that have burned out or descended into a life of riotous living. By showcasing her independence and personal style, she became a much bigger star than Disney had made her.

Miley Cyrus constantly inspires girls everywhere to do and be whatever makes them happy.

She’s not making apologies, because she lives by the idea that life is too short to spend it pretending to be something you’re not. Her authentic, raw self is why so many people are drawn to her — the proof is in her 30+ million Twitter followers.

Imperfection is beauty. We are all imperfect.

Through all the ups and downs, Miley Cyrus has managed to stay true to herself, speaking out about the importance of nature when life gets complicated, releasing a new track, “Slide Away,” about growing up, and getting a tattoo to declare her “freedom” from everything holding her back.

We live in a world that constantly tells us how to act, what to be. Knowing how to be true to yourself and live the life you want can be a challenge.

Imagine a world where we asked how someone was doing and they really told us. Imagine a world where there were no masks, only transparency when we talked to one another. If you want to live in a world that celebrates who you are, mistakes and all, take off the mask.

When you are your true self, you can better self-advocate or stand up for what you need.

Your self-expression matters, and you should value your voice. It’s okay to need things, it’s okay to speak up, and it’s okay not to be okay. You should seek to thrive, not just survive. That means you do not have to compete or compare yourself with anyone. Authenticity means you are enough. It’s enough to be who you are to get what you want.

Lesson #7: Ignore Haters

Miley Cyrus - Her Personal Lessons For Living Like a Wrecking Ball - Ignore Haters

There’s so much negativity swirling around celebrities, especially around young female pop stars like Miley Cyrus. While it’s true that she’s done more than a few things that have gotten people talking, and not always in a good way, she doesn’t let any ensuing negativity get to her.

Focus on what will help you become a better person as well as a better professional, and ignore all the haters.

There are always going to be those who don’t approve of your new attitude, business tactics, or the path you choose to take in life in general, but don’t let it get you down. Believing in yourself can get you very far! Whenever someone knocks you down with their unkind words, be sure to get right back up on your feet like Miley does. While she’s been forced to face a lot of criticism lately, she doesn’t seem to let it get to her.

People will always talk, and you can’t really do anything to stop them, but you can move on, even if they don’t.

What should have been an embarrassing moment for Ms. Cyrus (I’m referring to her behavior at the VMA, in case you’ve been hiding under a rock) ended up launching her career full-throttle as a bad girl. Today, she’s still getting fresh mentions of the twerk-a-thon, with more than 7 million search results. Tell me that’s not boosting record sales.

Miley Cyrus prides herself on being respectful of the press, even if the press isn’t always respectful of her.

She’s also developed a reputation as someone who’s easy to get along with, and it’s something that’s helped her tremendously during the more challenging times in her career. No matter what field you’re in, if you’re respectful and easy to work with, you’ve got a leg up on your competitors who don’t display these characteristics.

The best way to silence the haters is to do more of what they hate.

Believe me, it’s very possible to rise above the hate, and if you’re dealing with haters, you can rise above it too by: 1) showing your haters that their words have no effect on you and 2) showing them that you’re happy with who you are by doing more of what they hate.

Letting others control your thoughts and actions just so they will like you is no way to live life, unless you want to be a robot.

Block out all the noise (what the haters are saying) and just be yourself all the time. Remember that an original is always better than a copy and showing your true colors will attract others who like you for the person you are and will support your efforts to succeed.

Wrapping Up

Miley Cyrus - Her Personal Lessons For Living Like a Wrecking Ball - Final Thoughts
People are always telling me that I’m not like other girls…that I don’t dress like other girls…that i don’t act like other girls. But I’m my OWN person…I go to the beat of my own drum.Miley Cyrus

The daughter of “Achy Breaky Heart” singer Billy Ray Cyrus, Miley Cyrus has come into her own as an actress, singer, and songwriter. Whether it’s on television, at the movies, or on the radio, Miley Cyrus has been a dominant force for over a decade.

Miley Cyrus may not be your cup of tea, but you’ve got to admit: she’s got the branding thing down pat.

So in this fast paced world, if your target market has changed, the nature of your business has changed or you’re merging with another company you may find that your branding needs a complete overhaul — believe or not we can all learn a few lessons on branding from Miley Cyrus.

Whatever you are working on, every day isn’t a “party in the U.S.A.

And sure, there are probably even more lessons we can learn about how not to do business based on what we’ve seen from Miley over the past few years. But when you can find something positive in it and apply that to your business, you are well on your way to success.

It’s our party, we can do what we want. It’s our party, we can say what we want.

Taking risks like Miley Cyrus did isn’t easy, everyone knows getting out of your comfort zone requires courage. Just make sure you are being authentic, relevant, and aligned with your message — and your leap of faith will pay dividends.

You can’t live a lie, running for your life. It’s time to show up, friends, and rule the world your own way!

All in all, Miley Cyrus has delivered what will be known as the perfect marketing stunt of the last decade and will go down in the record books for the perfect crime. What do you think about her appearances and the way she drives her own business? Share your comments below!

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Miley Cyrus – Her Personal Lessons For Living Like a Wrecking Ball

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