Grant Cardone – How to Get More Exposure With His Rules of Success

Grant Cardone – How to Get More Exposure With His Rules of Success

Grant Cardone – How to Get More Exposure With His Rules of Success

Grant Cardone – How to Get More Exposure With His Rules of Success

Grant Cardone – How to Get More Exposure With His Rules of Success

Grant Cardone Rules of Success

Grant Cardone - How to Get More Exposure with his Rules of Success

If you’re willing to succeed professionally or personally, you’d certainly ask: How to get more exposure and win the business game like Grant Cardone did? The fact is that achieving success is no more difficult. The only thing is one has to follow the sure-shot rules.

Who is Grant Cardone? Grant Cardone is a dynamic, obsessed, highly sought after, international speaker, coach and businessman.

His speeches have been listened to by hundreds of millions all over the world. He is an an incredibly successful entrepreneur offering insights, tips, advice and guidance on sales, marketing, branding, investments, wealth and more. He is also an international social media influencer; with over 10,000,000 followers, fans and connections, Grant Cardone has been named one of the Top 10 CEOs to follow.

In fact, Grant Cardone is a living example that people could become successful despite their background or circumstances.

Before the private jets, luxury cars and million-dollar homes, Grant Cardone went through a phase of being unemployed and addicted to drugs. For years, he admits to having been stuck in a sales job that he hated and was struggling to earn a living. From his rag-to-riches story, it is easy to understand that staying down after falling is not the way for Grant Cardone.

Success, to Grant Cardone, is a duty. Making excuses is what sissies do.

When you see success an option then you don’t commit fully and you let yourself off if you don’t achieve the level of success you would like. This isn’t how successful people operate. They see success as a duty, obligation, and responsibility.

Rather than following the conventional path, Grant Cardone questioned the norms and strived to become extraordinary. Your turn!

If you were to ask Grant Cardone for his seven best rules of success, what do you think he’d say? Well, here they are! Grant’s seven best tips, his baller tips, tips that will guarantee anyone will increase their exposure.

Success Rule #1: Show up Early

Grant Cardone – How to Get More Exposure With His Rules of Success - Show up Early

The only way to guarantee failure is to NOT show up. No matter how much you plan, think about, and organize, sooner or later you will have to show up. You can only learn to swim when you hit the water.

You’re going to change the world by showing up. You must take action by showing up in your life if you want success.

Without showing up nothing else matters. Your intelligence doesn’t matter, your enthusiasm doesn’t matter, your ability doesn’t matter. Nothing else matters if you don’t show up first. You can’t win a lottery until you get the ticket.

Showing up takes faith. Faith without showing up results in nothing. Nothing good will happen to someone who stays in bed all day.

Show up today. Maybe you need to make a phone call you’re resisting. Make the move. Go for it, fail, and show up again. Fail, and show up yet again. You’ll figure it out. Just consider all the situations in your life you’ve already survived. You were born into the world and survived, and you knew nothing when you got here. Look at what it took to create you, and you are here.

If you’re not first, you’re last. Arrive first and be prepared. Get there first, get ready and kill it.

And even if you did absolutely nothing, but show up an hour early and just sat there for an hour before everyone else arrives, when people start to show up they’ll all ask, “What is with this guy, what is he up to, what’s he about?” Clear your head, get there early get game ready.

Consistency is an entrepreneur’s greatest asset. Keep trying, keep learning, and keep moving forward.

Grant Cardone believes that to start making something of yourself, to put the foundations in place to start winning and succeeding, people must consistently show up. He argues that if someone continuously shows up, they will eventually start to see results. Some people fail because they don’t take action until conditions are perfect.

Showing up is more than merely putting in a physical appearance. It’s also intellectually showing up.

When you show up intellectually it means you are truly listening to your customer’s needs and pain points and crafting a solution to their problems. Some of your ideas will flop; it happens to every entrepreneur. If it doesn’t happen to you, that means you’re not really putting yourself out there. Recognize failure as an opportunity, as just another stepping stone to success. Remember, everything is figure-out-able. Learn from your mistakes and failures, and be ready to change direction when things don’t work out at first.

Success Rule #2: Money's Your Bitch

Grant Cardone – How to Get More Exposure With His Rules of Success - Money's Your Bitch

The old ideas of saving every penny is not the way today. You can’t simply save your way to the first million without becoming old, at which point the money probably won’t matter to you. Do the math on what it takes to hit a million. If you don’t do your math you won’t get there because you won’t have the right mindset.

Don’t work for money. Make your money work for you.

Why do most intelligent, capable people never get rich? The vast multitude falls far short of their prosperity potential because a low level “money panic” is always buzzing in our semi-conscious mind, like a penniless devil on our shoulder. If you want to change your financial outcomes, then you must start in the mind–by rooting out beliefs that are holding you back and replacing them with… the Abundance Mindset.

Financial education is your best investment. Invest in yourself, in your education. There’s nothing better.

This is the mantra of all high performers. You have to re-invest part of your income into your education. This will pay off hundredfold. Grant Cardone says that millionaires grab a book with a mindset: “Where is my next million dollar idea here?” They are hungry for knowledge.

Being rich is a state of mind. In a sense, you could be rich but still poor, and vice versa.

It is an achievement of being able to live without the worry of money. You don’t necessarily need to own a castle to be considered rich. Everyone can be rich as long as we are able to do what we desire freely and to have the fulfillment in life. The key of it is to live with or even less than what you have. To be “normal” even when you are financially capable to do a lot more.

If you want to be rich, you need to move from spending to investing.

Spend to invest. I’d rather invest $1,000 than spend $100. Use your money to create more money. What is the middle class mindset, on the other hand? Get a job with a nice wage, buy a house, and try to enjoy your life. But guys, with your profits you can go so much further. With the same 10 hours a day you put in, you can take out ten times more wealth for you and the people you want to support. The obligation is on you.

It has never been easier, so don’t make it so difficult.

There is so much money in the world today and so many ways to get yourself known. The first thing you have to know is that it’s out there and it’s not that hard. In fact, everyone will be a millionaire in their lifetime: $50,000 per year times 20 years equals $1 million. The way to get rich is to make investments, but you can’t do that if your income doesn’t allow for you to set aside money to invest. The only reason to make and save money is so that you can invest it. Only invest money in projects you know will score and never give up your income.

Success Rule #3: Average is a Failing Formula

Grant Cardone – How to Get More Exposure With His Rules of Success - Average is a Failing Formula

People who take normal levels of action are most prevalent in our society. They spend their lives taking enough action to appear average and create normal lives, marriages, and careers, but never do enough to create big success.

Average, by definition, assumes “less than extraordinary.”

But you’ll never reach true success by being less than extraordinary. Put your big ideas out there and work to make them reality, even if they are risky. The 10X rule is all about multiplying your efforts and setting huge goals that will inspire you. Do you want to make a million dollars? 10X it! Do you want to make an impact in your community? You can do ten times more than this.

You have got to be obsessed if you want to make your dreams become a reality.

That involves keeping your minds and your eyes on the prize at all times. You should be completely occupied on the goals that you set. You need to think about it day and night and immerse yourself in it 24/7 *365. Only when you are obsessed with achieving your goals, your success will come. I want an extra-ordinary life in terms of finance, relationships, health, happiness. And I guess you want to. If so, be obsessed.

Highly successful people focus entirely on results and outcomes.

When you’re growing a business, how much effort or time you put in is irrelevant. It doesn’t matter if you spent one hour or all day making phone calls, what matters is how many sales you closed. Grant Cardone says we must “be hard on ourselves” and obsess about achieving outcomes rather than simply feeling good for trying. A focus on outcome helps us enjoy work. You see, all the rewards from work go those people who persist “all the way” until they achieve the outcome.

If you’re not obsessed, you’ll quite likely be average.

Get that — it takes the same amount of effort to be average as it does to be successful and highly efficient. Average people spend all their lives making up excuses about why they are not able to live the life of their dreams. Don’t let that be you.

Whatever you want to create in life, there is only one person holding you back: You!

Your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and attitudes all determine your actions, which in turn create your results. If you want better results, start by working on your mindset and mastering your thoughts and emotions on a daily basis. Almost every great success story on this earth has been attributed to a change in mindset. So if you want to dominate your life, start by dominating yourself — your thoughts, beliefs, and actions! Think big. Be obsessed. Not average.

Success Rule #4: Dress for Success

Grant Cardone – How to Get More Exposure With His Rules of Success - Dress for Success

Quit acting poor and quit acting like you are a spectator. Boss up in everything. When the bill comes for dinner, boss up. When you have to invest money to get information, buy a list, grow your brand or learn to sell you need to write the check like a boss, not like a little whiner.

Dominating yourself means taking control of your attitude, your ambition, your energy and your confidence, and making it all work for you.

It means not letting your problems and fears drive you, but instead being driven by your hopes and goals. It means weeding out the behaviors that harm you or set you back — behaviors like smoking, drinking, gambling, etc. The only way to get others to believe in you is if you believe in yourself. Even when you’re not feeling your best you have to push past those feelings and always remain confident in your talents. You have to be the one to cheer yourself on through the tough times.

Your time is precious and you need to meticulously plot out your life in order to capitalize on what little time you have.

Grant Cardone boasts that he does not manage time — he creates it. He makes every moment count double for him, by combining date nights with business meetings and taking his children to the gym while he works out. Blank space on his calendar is destructive and useless. To really understand, manage, maximize, and squeeze every opportunity out of your time, you have to fully understand and appreciate how much of it you have available to you. You must first take control of your time — not allow others to do so.

To be successful, you have to learn how to dress up the table like a boss.

Whether you are working for an organization or you have your own business, working and winning people is one of the most important things that you always have to keep in mind. Think like a boss by improving and constantly working on your people’s skills. When you know how to manage and be with people, you do not only become a boss but also an admired leader in your organization.

Successful people are committed to being rich. Poor people want to be rich.

Most people don’t get what they want because they don’t know what they want. People with a rich mindset are clear that they want wealth. They are unwavering in their desire. They are fully committed to creating wealth. As long as it’s legal, moral, and ethical, they will do whatever it takes to have wealth. People with a wealth mindset do not send mixed messages to the universe. Poor people do.

The phrase “dress for success” makes it seem as if all it takes to experience greatness is to put on the right clothes. In truth, it’s the person inside the clothes that define what success looks like.

Those who dress their own way are often seen as so important that they don’t have to conform to societal norms. Steve Jobs was famous for wearing a simple black turtleneck during Apple’s major press releases. He didn’t have to wear a suit to impress anybody; it was his ideas that made people stare in awe. If you saw these people on the street and had no idea who they were, you wouldn’t think they were billionaires. But that’s the point: they want their ideas to define them, not their looks.

Success #5: Never Settle

Grant Cardone – How to Get More Exposure With His Rules of Success - Never Settle

During recessions and recessions, most businesspeople instinctively contract. This means they are feeling uncertain so they want to be cautious, save money and cut expenses. However, Grant Cardone says this is the wrong move.

The most successful people see bad times as the best opportunity to expand.

When all your competition is retreating, then you have a wide open road to your next level of success. For example, during the 2009 financial crisis, many people lost money and felt afraid. Grant Cardone also felt uncertain because he owns a lot of real estate. Yet instead of retreating, he expanded his business on all fronts. As a result, he came out of the recession stronger than ever.

Doubt is the killer of dreams. It sabotages your goals. Never take advice from a doubter — only take advice from people who are as successful as you want to be.

Feed your beasts by constantly learning about your industry. Feed your economic beasts by getting your money right and then putting it to work for you in investments. And finally feed your social beasts by surrounding yourself with the most successful and most encouraging people.

In failing economies, people tend to panic and scramble to move their assets to safe havens.

But you don’t have to worry about what other people are experiencing, just about achieving your own goals. Another important thing is that overexposure is nothing to fear; it’s better than being forgotten. Coca-Cola and Facebook are examples of brands that have been around for decades, so they must be doing something right. Many people think about how much time they have left, but the real question is how you can make more things happen in a shorter amount of time. The only way to do this is to get rid of distractions and focus on what matters most.

Disappointment is going to happen, it’s been happening to you your whole life.

Prepare for it, that way you don’t get shocked and get… disappointed. If you knew that was going to happen, it wouldn’t sting so bad. Unlike many entrepreneurs, Grant Cardone does not learn from failure. He learns from success. Grant says that if you learn from failure in money or real estate, you will go broke. Success breeds success. The more success you have, the more success you can create.

Unsuccessful people imagine they could get rich and stop working forever.

By contrast, successful people are continuously looking forward to their next target. He says being successful is like tending a garden, there is no point at which you can stop and have it continue to stay beautiful forever. Successful people know that solving problems leads to more success. Grant Cardone says becoming successful means creating more problems for yourself, which means you must never be afraid of new challenges. For example, after you solve the problem of getting clients, then you will have the new problem of delivering a high quality service to those clients.

Success #6: Pour The Hours In

Grant Cardone – How to Get More Exposure With His Rules of Success - Pour The Hours In

Grant Cardone tells you to be totally unreasonable and put in more work than anyone else around you. First they’ll say it’s impossible, then they’ll criticize you and in the end they’ll respect you. He habitually works at least sixty hours per week and he’s been doing it for the last thirty years — no big breaks, no vacations.

Nothing worth having comes easy and Grant Cardone shares this philosophy.

He poses the question, “do people know you because of your unbelievable work ethic.” and that if someone can’t answer “yes” to that, then they won’t be able to make their way to the top. If things don’t go right you have to push harder. Don’t quit, and keep pushing. Grant argues that when someone thinks about quitting they need to understand that everyone they’re competing against has had that same thought, and the most successful people are the ones who push past those thoughts and are the ones left standing.

If you want to be successful, just make it a habit to work hard and go above and beyond.

If you need to sell your product or idea to someone influential, don’t hold back on how much time or money you spend. Do all the research that’s required and spare no expense until they’re sold on your product. Remember that being average means less than extraordinary, so aim for more than just getting by. The world is full of average people who are middle class, so they’re not aiming for anything beyond the day-to-day stuff. In today’s world, you have to be better than average. Average is not good enough anymore. You need to aim for 10 times above what others are doing in your field of work.

Look, it’s not going to be easy. Turning your life around is not going to be a piece of cake. Hard work is a price you need to pay.

If the success was free then everybody would have it. Most of the successful individuals had put in enough productive work before they received success in return. Just by working hard on what you believe in, you can understand its true value. That’s when you start to respect the work itself and when you start to learn important life lessons.

There is nothing else that brings more results and progress on a consistent basis than the hard work. The action itself leads to more action.

At any moment of the day, you are building and make sure your journey continues. When you see the results of your own work, you feel grateful, accomplished and truly satisfied with what you are doing. That makes the whole process really enjoyable and you find the strength to persevere. Never doubt the power and necessity of hard work! Create your strategy, make your plan and take the first step towards success today. Work your way up!

Ever wondered why it’s so hard to motivate yourself in the first few months of business ownership?

Because you’re not busy enough to be productive, and self-made deadlines don’t carry the same urgency as customer or client deadlines. There’s a good reason ‘they’ say: “If you want something done, give it to a busy person.” Being busy breeds hard work. Set goals and make it your mission to get busy.

Success #7: Hire The Best, Fire The Rest

Grant Cardone – How to Get More Exposure With His Rules of Success - Hire The Best, Fire The Rest

Many business owners refuse to let anyone work for them, because they don’t believe anyone can do the work better than them. And these business owners burn out and drop out. The truth is that businesses are made out of people and you need more voices to contribute to your cause.

This doesn’t mean you should settle for anything less than the best, and that means that the hiring process is occasionally going to be a nightmare.

You have to go through massive amounts of people to find the right few. Luckily, if your business is thriving and you are demonstrative about your obsession, you will often draw the right people to you. Always be on the lookout for new employees, even when you don’t currently have open positions. Know exactly what you are looking for; compose a list of qualities of the ideal employee and use it to evaluate everyone you meet.

Then, when you have your team, pump them up!

Reward excellent performance, hold staff meetings every day and constantly enforce the company culture you want to see. Don’t feel ashamed of wanting your office to reflect your beliefs and attitudes. Build the culture you know is nurturing, and watch your team mold themselves into it.

That said, be careful because there are many quitters in life.

They operate under AVERAGE radar. Everything they do, they do it average. They find it uncomfortable when they see you taking massive actions towards your dreams. So be careful next time when somebody tells you to take it easy, relax, don’t work too hard. These are whole bunch of craps. They are simply justifying their failures in life and want you to do the same.

We often hear people say that time or money is our most valuable asset. 

Grant Cardone says that our most powerful commodity is our connections. When you build up a good network of connections, doors open, things become possible, we get more traction and in turn, more opportunities present themselves. Get into proximity with powerful people.

Real danger haters and naysayers bring is the possibility of going off track. Don’t let naysayers drag you down.

Grant Cardone believes that too many people are concerned by other people’s opinions, and don’t pursue success because of the naysayers. He encourages people to ignore the naysayers, and instead focus on why they started and the bigger picture. Remember lowering your target is unethical and goes against your duty, obligation and responsibility for your success. Get committed and go all in.

Wrapping Up

Grant Cardone Rules of Success Final Thoughts
Until you become completely obsessed with your mission, no one will take you seriously. Until the world understands that you’re not going away—that you are 100 percent committed and have complete and utter conviction and will persist in pursuing your project—you will not get the attention you need and the support you want.Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone tells people all the time that we live in an unfair world! That’s the way it is. Being the case that it is unfair, that the deck is stacked against you, go out there and get your unfair share. Let somebody else do the complaining while you are getting yours and doing whatever it takes.

Many people have tried to come up with simple catchphrases that can help you succeed, but most of them don’t work.

Lifestyle gurus are often little more than salesmen for grandiose ideas. They know all the cliches, but they don’t have any real solutions to problems that people face.

If you want real success, you have to know how to harness your obsession to rocket to the top.

Pushing forward can be a driving force for success but it can also create more fear. Don’t run from it, embrace it! Fear goes hand in hand with success. Use the fear to go even higher and further. Embrace a 10X mindset, and you’ll think bigger and work harder than ever before, meaning it won’t be long until the once unimaginable becomes a reality.

A lot of people may point out that you seem obsessed. Don’t see that as a negative.

In society, obsession is seen as a negative, but there’s nothing stopping you from seeing it as a gift in this case. The chances are that the people saying that about you are probably not working at the level of action that you are. If you’ve got the energy to continuously go relentlessly, then harness it. Don’t let anybody tell you that it’s a bad thing!

Obsession is not a disease, it’s a gift.

There are always going to be people telling you that obsession is a bad thing, but they are not really talking to you. They are trying to convince themselves that it is not so bad to be average. Ignore them, commit yourself to your purpose and let your obsessions run wild.

Those that execute win the game. Set 10x targets and don’t retreat from them.

I hope you’re feeling fired up right now to dominate your goals! Keep climbing and keep attaining. Never coast. It’s your duty to be successful. And, that means hard work, discipline and commitment. Are you ready? I’d be glad to hear from you in the comments below 🙂

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Grant Cardone – How to Get More Exposure With His Rules of Success

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