How to Hard Reset and Reboot Your Life When It Looks Dead Boring

How to Hard Reset and Reboot Your Life When It Looks Dead Boring

How to Hard Reset and Reboot Your Life When It Looks Dead Boring

How to Hard Reset and Reboot Your Life When It Looks Dead Boring

How to Hard Reset and Reboot Your Life When It Looks Dead Boring

How to Hard Reset and Reboot Your Life When It Looks Dead Boring

How to Hard Reset and Reboot Your Life When It Looks Dead Boring

Sometimes an area of your life — or perhaps more than one — has gone completely off track and makes you feel bogged down and like you just can’t move forward. You may feel like needing to reboot your life, especially when it looks dead boring.

Maybe you’re looking for a big change.

You’re not happy with the way your life is going, and you’ve decided it’s time to draw a line in the sand, hit the reset button, and start over. If you’re feeling trapped in your life or you’re just looking to make a major change, sometimes your best option is to do a “hard reset” to your current life and start again from scratch.

That said, you may find yourself wondering how to start over and make the best of the new circumstances we find ourselves in.

You need that change, yet you’re afraid to make the conscious decision to move because you’re not even sure what change you need to make, or you’re afraid you don’t have time to start over in life. Believe me, I get it. Sometimes life feels messy and scattered. Other times you feel stuck in a life moving forwards at 5 mph with no sign of it speeding up anytime soon.

It’s about you, and your ability to accept challenges and having the determination to break free from your existing situation.

The good news is that as our society continues to develop at such a rapid pace, it also means we have more opportunities to do things that were previously thought impossible. These days, more individuals are pushing the boundaries and breaking stereotypes.

A “hard reset” is a serious decision that requires adequate thought and planning before you jump into it, but it can also be the best decision you ever made if you do it correctly.

Everyone’s approach to giving their life a hard reset will differ depending on their circumstances, but if you’re looking for a fresh start, the tips below should help you reboot your life when it looks dead boring. If you feel like you need a hard reset in any area of your life, read on. Below you’ll find 5 ways to reboot your life.

Rule #1: Shift Your Perspective

How to Hard Reset and Reboot Your Life When It Looks Dead Boring - Shift Your Perspective

To break free from your limitations, you’ve got to take a step back and gain a fresh perspective on just what limitations really are. On the surface, limitations are things that prevent you from doing something, but if you dig deeper, you’ll find that limitations are the things that keep you constrained inside a loop.

Limitations define the quality of your life.

If you want to improve your life, then you must break free from the limitations that keep you in the same loop every day, month, and year. It may seem that the limitations that you’re facing are out of your control or something that just happens to you. However, your reality is derived from your perception. It’s not reality that’s important, but rather how you perceive your reality. Being able to control how you look at things is the key to learning how to start over and creating a fresh start.

So when thinking about how to reboot your life, you must look in the mirror.

Our mind is a wonderful thing, but it can also be a real pain in the rear. If we let it, our mind can take us down those dusty roads of the past, those hazy, fog-filled paths of the future, and we can find ourselves so immersed in the two that the precious present slips right by. But the reality is this. If the desire is to truly reboot your life, that must include an acknowledgment of past experiences and mistakes, but a true letting go of them and focusing on today, and looking forward to the future.

Completely changing your environment can become a “crash-course” in discovering more about yourself, and broadening your perspective of the world.

Sometimes throwing yourself into a new environment can be the single, best way to change the direction of your life. Of course our minds crave what is familiar because we see it as “safe” and “normal”. This is why people tend to get stuck in jobs they hate, relationships that are toxic and destructive, and negative living situations in general. But the excitement of moving somewhere new, building a new social circle, and exploring a completely new place can help you to reinvigorate your life and give you an extra boost of motivation and inspiration.

If you change your thoughts, you can change your life.

Sometimes life has a way of robbing us of the little joys in life as we fight to keep up with our “to do” lists. In the haze of our endless errands, our lives can become dull and lifeless. Take a moment to think about what makes you happy. Whether it’s something small like lunch with a friend or something big like a vacation to the beach, give yourself a much-needed lift by planning ahead and giving yourself something to look forward to every single day.

Rule #2: Own Your Space

How to Hard Reset and Reboot Your Life When It Looks Dead Boring - Own Your Space

Another step to rebuild your life is to know what you actually want. Feeling unsettled or unhappy may have been the reason you wanted to rebuild your life in the first place, but you need to give yourself time to think and reflect on what you want your new life to look like.

The only person who can drive your life to avoid regret is you.

Be curious. If you discover the world in your own way, by following your own genuine interests, you’ll never forget what you learn. Remaining flexible as you experience life allows for you to make up new rules as you go along. It’s about experimenting and being open to changing things up when you need to. So go ahead and explore, and find the rules that feel right for you.

We really are free to live our lives however we wish and to make of them whatever we want to make of them.

There will always be people that will tell you otherwise, that will expect and command that you conform — but you can just tell them to fuck off. If you feel that your life is being run by someone other than you, then you must break that chain around your neck and begin truly living. If you are in a bad situation and don’t plan on getting out of it, then you are choosing to stay in a bad situation. You are making the conscious decision not to take hold of your life and to change it the way you see fit.

People are not things and choosing which relationships to keep and which to remove is not as simple as decluttering clothes in your closet.

There are some relationships where both parties benefit and there are some relationships where we benefit. But there also ought to be some relationships in our lives where we are serving and giving and being the one who loves more. Balance is important in this area. Evaluate the current relationships in your life. Are your closest friends moving you toward the person you want to be or are they holding you back?

Life on your own terms means the ability to live a life that is meaningful and fulfilling to YOU.

It is possible to live a life that you love — a life on your own terms. And when you live life on your own terms, you will be a more fulfilled and happy person. You’ll be able to contribute more to those around you. Living life on your own terms means having purpose and fulfillment in your life, as well as having freedom and flexibility to do what matters most to you. It’s important to do this because how you feel about your life and work affects not only you but also everyone around you. You can make this happen by starting today and taking action!

Rule #3: Revisit Your Goals

How to Hard Reset and Reboot Your Life When It Looks Dead Boring - Revisit Your Goals

The third step to reboot your life is to set new goals. Maybe you don’t feel like getting up in the morning because there’s no excitement for the future? Without detailed, measurable goals, your days lose their flavor and life becomes boring. When you watch the same movie for the fourth time, and don’t know what to do, it’s time to sit down sketch out a simple plan of action.

Goals are an opportunity for growth (because even if you don’t achieve the goal, you still grow and learn in the process!).

Remember — goals have to be yours and only yours. Otherwise, you’ll be going against the grain all the time. Then, my challenge for you is to revisit your list of goals and pick ONE to focus on. I want you to be able to focus all your energy on this goal so that you can actually make some progress. Whilst some people will want to transform their lives entirely all in one go, it’s generally more practical to focus on the things that will make the biggest difference to your life, health, or relationships first.

The purpose of goals is to fail, grow, and be stretched. Achieving the goal (if you do), is just a bonus!

It doesn’t matter if you tried to go on a diet in January and were back to eating junk food by the second week of February, or if you started working on your new business in March but quit after a few days. You’re giving yourself a fresh start on your goal. Ask yourself why you failed to follow through on your goal, make the necessary adjustments to your plan for achieving your goal, and get to it.

If you have a clear idea of where you’re going; then there is more chance that you will end up doing what you want and need to do.

An average person with average talents and ambition and average education, can outstrip the most brilliant genius in our society, if that person has clear, focused goals. Instead of simply drifting along reacting to what life brings you, take proactive steps to go out and create the future you want. While we can’t control everything that happens to us, we can control ourselves by setting goals to achieve our big dreams.

We adopt goals for one reason and one reason only: to change our lives.

Rather than adopting a goal you hope will change your life once you reach it, do it the other way around. Choose the journey that for you would be awesome — the activities, personal growth, and friends. Then choose a goal that acts as a compass to give you that life as part of the journey. And if you ever feel your direction needs changing, change goals. Because it’s not about where you end up, it’s about the life you live on the way. Your life is too precious to settle for less than extraordinary.

Rule #4: Shake Up Your Routine

How to Hard Reset and Reboot Your Life When It Looks Dead Boring - Shake Up Your Routine

Give yourself the gift of a daily reboot. You can get a fresh start each day — that is, reboot every morning — in just one-hour-a-day. Regardless of what may have happened the day before, you can start each morning with a clean slate by devoting the first hour of the day to doing something aligned with your goals and your dreams.

Big goals are great, but if you don’t work toward them a little every day then you’ll never reach them.

So, think about creating a new routine, and how you can make little changes every day/week/month that will add up to a big change over time. You and your well-being are the product of the things that you do most often, so align those things with your goals and the future you wish to have. In addition, rebooting your life means you want to change the way you live it for the better, so now’s the time to say goodbye to the bad habits you know are holding you back.

Your boring routine life could be shooed away only when you put in efforts to shake it up regularly.

However, one should not shake it up so much that it creates a complete disruption in the regular routine. Analyze what changes before appealed to you or failed. Or start your experience with a small change. But keep adding changes via hobbies, education, job, salary hike, friend circle, or growing love between you and your partner if that’s what you want.

Be honest about your habits. Sometimes, the habits we develop increase our chance of success.

But other times, our habits keep us from it. How do you spend your day? How do you care for your health and body? What habits are creating a better you and which habits are keeping you stuck where you are? Resetting your life is going to require more than a one-time decision or evaluation. Often times, it is going to require you to rewire your habits from the ground up. Stay flexible as you discover what you want from life. Often, the plan will change. It’s important that you change with it.

No one is going to hand you your dream like a gift, all wrapped up in a bow. 

Rarely is it that easy. Whether you’re shifting gears to go after something new or doggedly chasing down the career you’ve always dreamed of, it’s going to take grit, grind and a decent amount of hard work. When you put in the work, it pays off. So, if you’re currently feeling bored with life, don’t wait for the world to entertain you. Take active steps to find meaning and joy.

Rule #5: Get Rid of What Weigh You Down

How to Hard Reset and Reboot Your Life When It Looks Dead Boring - Get Rid of What Weigh You Down

Either physical or mental, decluttering is a vital part of starting over. Get rid of everything you don’t want to take with you into your new life. Negative mindset, toxic relationships, clothes that don’t fit, stained Tupperware — gone, out, goodbye. After all, can we start over when we haven’t let go of our past?

After reflecting upon your life, you might realize that one of the things you need to work on are your relationships.

If there are certain people who are holding you back or bringing you down, then it might be time to say goodbye to them. This could involve some difficult conversations, but you might just be able to distance yourself from people who you know are toxic or have a negative influence on you. That will give you more time for the people you really love.

Additionally, an accumulation of stuff we don’t really need can hold us back, making us feel sluggish and lethargic.

Just as things take physical space around you, they take up mental space too — even when they are not being used. So, before you can start to make big changes, it can be a good idea to have the ultimate spring clean and sort out all your possessions. Look at all the things that surround you and, if you don’t use something, recycle it, give it away, or even sell it. You’ll be amazed at just how free you feel once your surroundings are clean and uncluttered.

When life gets busy, complicated, and overwhelming, it’s easy to forget who you are, but you can find your way back.

In feng shui philosophy, free-flowing energy creates health, wealth, love, and overall abundance. Clutter is thought to stop that energy flow and create stagnation, exhaustion, and exasperation. We have to keep reminding each other that we can choose. We can say no. We can make a life we love. But don’t use simplicity to have a simple life. Use it to have a lower-stress life. Use simplicity to have a happier life. Use it to figure out what matters to you so can have a life that makes you smile many times a day.

Have you ever tried running with a sack of potatoes on your back? Chances are that you’re doing it right now.

We have so many outlets of “entertainment” and information that we are constantly overwhelmed. Most of the things you hear, see, and read get stored in your head — if only for a somewhat short period of time. The fact that you are constantly processing this information is reason enough to cut yourself off. You’re processing information that is essentially worthless — that takes time, energy and memory space. Avoid information overloads and you’ll literally feel lighter.

Wrapping Up

How to Hard Reset and Reboot Your Life When It Looks Dead Boring Final Thoughts
Do you ever feel like you have been stopped dead in your tracks? That you have fallen and can’t get up? Or like you are stuck in a rut or wading in muck? Paralysis, inertia, and being stuck, can be disempowering and disabling. What is it going to take for you to restart your engines and get moving again?Susan C. Young

Don’t underestimate the power of a “hard reset” to change your life. While they are both serious decisions, they can sometimes be the very best decision available to you if you want long-term happiness and success.

Setting yourself on a fresh path takes some effort, my friend, and isn’t always easy or simple.

If you feel that you’re stuck in a pattern, you’ve been following the wrong path for too long, or your life needs a jolt, you need to reboot. If you truly believe that a reboot, a reset of your body, mind, and spirit are what you need, use these tools to help you get there. The results are very rewarding!

Tired of being held back by your limitations? It’s time to break free from them, and start living out your best days.

It’s possible to make life changes and learn how to start over. Don’t become a person who lets life pass them by only to regret it when you’re retired or far into old age. Don’t let your life plateau and waste away in the daily grind for the next twenty years while wasting the potential you still have.

Reboot your life and begin again by retraining your brain to adopt a healthier, more positive mindset and discovering more functional habits.

Break the barriers that you have formed for yourself and stop putting in limits, right now! Open your arms to new possibilities and opportunities that bring freshness into your life. Routine and disciplined lives are better with your smile and happiness.

You just know deep in your heart that you need a change. You need to figure out how to rebuild your life so that it reflects who you are now.

How did you enjoy the article? Do you know any other useful ideas that could help others to “hard reset” their lives? Share your thoughts in the comments section! Did you love this post on how to start over in life with a reboot? Sharing it would make my week.

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How to Hard Reset and Reboot Your Life When It Looks Dead Boring

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