5 Brilliant Life Lessons From Megastar Will Smith That You Need to Hear

5 Brilliant Life Lessons From Megastar Will Smith That You Need to Hear

5 Brilliant Life Lessons From Megastar Will Smith That You Need to Hear

5 Brilliant Life Lessons From Megastar Will Smith That You Need to Hear

5 Brilliant Life Lessons From Megastar Will Smith That You Need to Hear

5 Brilliant Life Lessons From Megastar Will Smith That You Need to Hear

5 Brilliant Life Lessons From Megastar Will Smith That You Need to Hear

You might think you know everything about your favorite stars, but there’s more to their lives than what we read in the glossy magazines. Every one of them has struggled and worked hard to succeed in life, and none have worked harder or been more successful than Will Smith. Will Smith is one of the most prolific entertainers in the world today. In this article I’m going to uncover five brilliant life lessons from Will Smith to achieve success.

Will Smith has achieved massive success as an actor and a singer.

More than just a great actor and singer, Will Smith is a great teacher. Newsweek called him “the most powerful actor in Hollywood” and is the most bankable star worldwide according to Forbes. His powerful work ethic and a strong understanding of how the world works have inspired millions through his motivational speeches, quotes and belief that you can attract anything you want in your life, if you are willing to ask for it, and work for it.

After starring in some of the biggest Hollywood blockbusters of all time, and earning 2 Oscar nominations, the star shows no signs of slowing down.

From the Fresh Prince to Suicide Squad, the Philly-born star has managed to always live his best life. Whenever Will Smith has an interview, he drops gems to help anyone improve their circumstances. Seemingly humble and positive, he offers a perspective on life that everyone could use. His wisdom is never hidden as he takes every chance possible to spread knowledge.

Let’s face it. Will Smith is a total badass. He has managed to do some pretty amazing things with the time that he’s been given.

While the star’s life seems to have never been anything less than perfect, Will Smith has had his fair share of trials and setbacks that almost caused him to quit show business altogether. He has persevered and is now one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood. I believe his success speaks volumes. But, most importantly, I truly believe his wise words have the power to inspire you and guide you towards achieving more success in life.

To get to his podium, Will has followed a few distinctive principles of thinking and living, including these five you can adopt for your own lifestyle.

We can all learn a lot from Will Smith, especially his brilliant lessons about finding happiness and success in life. Below is his five best tips to wrestle this life into submission and manifest your hearts desires. Enjoy!

Lesson #1 : Work Hard

5 Brilliant Life Lessons From Megastar Will Smith That You Need to Hear - Work Hard

There are no two opinions about this piece of advice. You have to work hard to stand out from the crowd, and it’s the one thing that other people can’t bring to the table. Will Smith, in a show of humbleness and character, states that he isn’t particularly talented. He says that the only reason why he excels in everything he does is because of his strong work ethic.

Few can match Will Smith when it comes to hard work. His unflinching commitment to work is inspirational for all of us.

He recognizes he may not be as talented, smarter, sexier, or praised as the next man, but he refuses the next man to out work him. Actually, Will Smith considers himself as slightly above average in talent. He believes he excels today due to his ridiculous, seeking work ethic. During an interview, Will Smith was asked about his work ethic and he had this to say, ”You might be more talented than me, you might be smarter than me, you might be sexier than me, but if we get on the treadmill together, there are two things, you are getting off first or I am going to die, it is really that simple”.

Will Smith shares that hard work and seeking out the right people and situations have been key to his success.

To create the outcome you are looking for, you must first put yourself in an environment where it is inevitable for you to achieve your goal. For instance, if you want to exercise more, what do you have to change about your environment to make it inevitable to exercise? If you want to eat healthier, what can you change in your environment to inevitably eat better? Simple things like meal prepping, buying whole foods, and having a good pair of running shoes will set you on the right path towards a healthier lifestyle.

Work beats out talent 100% of the time.

When you hear people say “I’m not talented, I’m skilled” it’s to emphasize that point. There are millions of people who will be more talented than you, it’s up to you to outwork them. Even though he may look effortless on film, Will Smith has admitted several times to just how much he obsesses over every detail, making him a stronger actor, producer, rapper, father and husband. It isn’t always fun to practice (and science says most dread it), but to reach goals, you have to put that nose to the iron.

Most people see the outcome, they don’t see the hours that have gone behind it.

They don’t see the hustle — they think it’s about talent, but that’s not the case. You know famous athletes that earn millions of dollars overnight — footballers, basketball players, tennis players — you think it’s all about talent? These guys have been mastering their craft since the age of 7. And I challenge you to work on your craft for 20 years as they did and see how far this gets you. If you do not take steps to gain experience, education, and training as it relates to your talent, your natural ability will not shine, and others will surpass your accomplishments.

Lesson #2 : Embrace Fear

5 Brilliant Life Lessons From Megastar Will Smith That You Need to Hear - Embrace Fear

F.E.A.R — ‘Forget Everything And Run‘ or ‘Face Everything And Rise.’ The choice is yours. It’s not easy to face your fears and push through them, but it’s essential in order to succeed in life.

Will Smith believes that fear has no benefit to your life in any situation. Although it may be hard to overcome, defeating fear allows you the ability to feel secure.

Will Smith has spoken about getting to a stage in his life when he decided to do all that he ever feared doing. This was the inspiration behind his show on Facebook Watch, ”the bucketlist”. In each episode of this show, Will takes up various things which he used to fear trying, he did this to conquer all his fears. He tried sky diving, Bollywood dancing, stand up comedy and so more in order to accomplish his goal of living fearlessly.

Fear will never let you take risks in life. And you might be agreed with me that without taking risks in life you can’t make remarkable success.

Fear of failure and risks are parallel to one another. If you succeed to take risks in life you will be able to over fear in life. So, according to Will Smith, you should take a daily hostility with fear. He believed that the best things in life are on the other side of the fear. Remember that the point of maximum danger is the point of minimum fear. Fear can do nothing to you but can ruin your life. Therefore, face the fear boldly and love to take risks in life because who knows which risk can take you from earth to horizon.

When fear and anxiety become a pattern in our lives, they become a problem.

If your plugged drain in the kitchen sink is a problem, do you ignore it? Of course not. You call a plumber or try to fix it yourself. When fearfulness causes harm to your physical and mental stability, and you find yourself avoiding things that might create more fear, don’t ignore it. When anxiety becomes a debilitating thing that leaves you cowering and sick, don’t try to push it away.

It’s easy to pretend fear isn’t influencing you and to make excuses as to why you haven’t achieved what you’re capable of.

Instead of turning around and hiding from it, treat fear as a cue to take action, not an excuse. Look at your goal. If you let fear chase you away from achieving it, then you’ve effectively given in. This is why the path to overcoming fear includes acknowledging the fears and limiting beliefs holding you back. When you’re afraid, you tend to stay in one place. What if you fail? You start to believe you can’t progress at all, that you’re incapable of it — the fear holds you back. One of the most powerful tips to overcome fear and anxiety is to adopt a growth mindset. It’s not about achieving your goals and being perfect every step of the way. It’s about getting comfortable with what you don’t know and continuing anyway — this is the foundation of a growth mindset.

Lesson #3: Deciding Is Believing

5 Brilliant Life Lessons From Megastar Will Smith That You Need to Hear - Deciding Is Believing

You can’t make a difference in your life until you make a decision. Just decide what is going to be, who are you going to be and how you are going to do it- that’s the first step. We are who we choose to be.

Essentially, what you think about creates your reality, making positive thinking a much better decision than diving into a sinkhole of negativity.

Whatever you envision for your life — whether your career, your savings account, your love life, your bucket list of travel destinations — spend more time imagining yourself where you want to be, and as Smith says, watch the avenues open. Connecting the heart to the brain, and thus, our actions, can create a better sense of self and esteem, which is proven to help propel individuals into opportunities for success.

Where you are isn’t where you’ll always be, it doesn’t matter where you are, you’re in a constant state of BECOMING.

If you hold a vision for yourself, the least helpful thing you can do is get hung up on the fact that you feel stuck where you are. Whether that is in a location, financial situation, or especially on your road to fulfilling your dreams; focus instead on the act of becoming, one day at a time make a small step forward toward the direction you desire. The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. How torturous that journey would be if every time you took one step forward, you stopped to ponder every step you’re currently at. As so eloquently put by everyone’s favorite animated fish friend…Just keep swimming!

Will Smith believed that he needs to focus on all of his heart and clear vision, his creativity and imagination, and all of the fiber of his being.

So here you can get a clear lesson from Will Smith focus that in order to be successful in life, you need to be focused on a single but the main goal of your life. Engaging yourself in different goals will create confusion and desperation and you won’t be able to achieve the main thing in your life. Will Smith says that we can put a dent in the universe, the universe is like water, it just moves around whatever comes through. When we absolutely commit on a certain decision, a certain path, the universe will get out of our way.

When you discover and live true to your life purpose in the highest possible way, your soul will “sing” in a way you’ve never “seen” before.

It’s a feeling you’ll know when you realize it. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from, or what you do. As long as you wish to live a more meaningful and conscious life, you need to have a life purpose. The gears of the universe will start to churn with you becoming solid in the direction of your choosing. Don’t worry about when it’s going to happen, or how exactly it’s going to unravel. That’s all knowledge out of our grasp. The best thing you can do is make the decision of who you’re going to be, and start chiseling away at the masterpiece to be which is you. Make the choice, move, and watch the pieces align as you take action.

Lesson #4: Have Fun!

5 Brilliant Life Lessons From Megastar Will Smith That You Need to Hear - Have Fun!

Will Smith doesn’t take himself too seriously and secondly, he isn’t afraid of expanding his sense of humor. This trait of not taking yourself too seriously is valuable in the face of abject adversity because it gives you the ability to laugh even when you’re down and out.

Will Smith’s sense of humor, makes him capable of finding a reason to laugh even at the downtimes in his life.

Like when he told the story of his ex-wife asking for a divorce on Valentine’s day or the time when his daughter abruptly cut her hair to revolt against her father for forcing her to see through a project she wasn’t willing to. Besides, Will smith’s ability to create a reason for laughter goes a long way to make his video logs and social networks’ videos very entertaining. There isn’t a doubt in anyone’s mind that Will Smith is the king of fun. From his electrifying songs to his energetic personality, Smith is a charismatic force that commands the attention in any room.

Laughter is the best medicine. Even doctors recommend it.

Whatever it is anyone is going through in life, remember to smile and still be kind. It’s hard when it seems that life can be difficult and things don’t always work out as planned. However, putting a smile on when times are tough and continuing on the path of success can make things a lot better. Just look at Smith, who bounced back after suffering some career setbacks.

Laugh at everything means to laugh in every situation.

Life will take you through many ups and downs but the only thing that can help standstill, if you learn to laugh at everything. It isn’t much that easy but it’s not impossible. Everything is Possible, so it’s also possible to laugh at everything. Through laughing, you can help increase someone’s lifetime and can be a source of inspiration to anybody. The positive you can observe in your personality by doing so is unimaginable. If there’s anything to learn from the Aladdin star’s life, it’s to smile through it all, expect nothing but positive things to happen, and have fun doing it.

When we take ourselves less seriously, we’re able to see the humor in situations, find the silver lining when things don’t go the way we want them to, and navigate through the ups and downs of life a bit easier.

There are clearly times in life and certain circumstances that are genuinely serious. However, far too often we add unnecessary stress, pressure, and negativity to situations with our attitude of “seriousness.” One of the best things we can do is laugh–at ourselves, at the situation, or in general. I’m not advocating that we avoid dealing with the serious aspects of our lives–as we all know, sometimes laughter can be used as a way of deflecting, or in other unhealthy and harmful ways. However, being able to bring lightness, levity, and laughter into our lives and relationships in an authentic and healthy way is one of the best things we can do to take care of ourselves and keep things in perspective.

Lesson #5: Do NOT Be Realistic

5 Brilliant Life Lessons From Megastar Will Smith That You Need to Hear - Do NOT Be Realistic

Will Smith says that our thoughts and feelings have physical power. When we resolve to do something, it creates a physical thrust in the universe. It shows that we are much more than our physical existence, we are creators capable of putting a dent in the universe.

If you are too realistic with your goals, you will aim far below your capabilities. 

We have human creativity which has the potential to change reality, not for ourselves, but for millions of people around the world. The Wright brothers made the airplane and it changed the way we travel. Edison created the light bulb and it forever changed how we lived. Don’t set limits on your dreams by what has already happened, trust your gut and believe that you can raise the bar in your chosen field.

Being realistic is the most commonly traveled road to mediocrity. Why would you be realistic. What’s the point of being realistic?

According to Will Smith, there’s a certain delusional quality that all successful people have to have. You have to believe that something different than what has happened for the last 50 million years of history. You have to believe that something different can happen, and that you can be the one to do it. Not pursuing something because it isn’t realistic is the quickest way to stop yourself. Doing something that can easily be done isn’t worth doing. Realism only factors in current reality but something that hasn’t been achieved yet, can’t be realistic.

Don’t let other people tell you what you can and what you can’t do.

Don’t let their assumptions stop you from doing what you love or what you think is best for you. Other people will always try to stop you if you decide to do something that’s different than what they are doing, because that’s how society works. Take charge of your life don’t let others make your decisions, if you believe in something, take the leap of faith and see where that leads you — if you fail, good — you gained valuable experience; if you succeed, well you succeeded. Period.

Most children can recall when their parents tell them that they can be anything they want to be when they get older.

Look around, the world you see around you was made by people who for the most part believed in the impossible. If every ground breaking artist, writer, entrepreneur, scientist, engineer, etc. traveled to road of realism then the world as we know it today would not exist. The dreamers of today are the visionaries who sculpt the world of tomorrow. So be brave enough to believe in the unbelievable because “being realistic is the most commonly traveled road to mediocrity.

Wrapping Up

5 Brilliant Life Lessons From Megastar Will Smith That You Need to Hear Final Thoughts
The only thing that I see that is distinctly different about me is, I am not afraid to die on a treadmill. You might have more talent than me, you might be smarter than me. But if we get on the treadmill together, there’s two things. You are getting off first. Or I am going to die. It’s that simple.Will Smith

Undoubtedly one of the most successful stars in Hollywood, Will Smith is more than an inspirational role model in the movie and music industry. During numerous interviews and talks, he frequently shares motivational and mindfulness advice, and discusses his secrets of how he has achieved success in life. For this reason, Will is now famously known for his powerful speeches around these topics and has become a new icon of inspiration for many.

You heard the man. Make the decision.

The greatest achievements in history were made by people who were no smarter than you. They took their personal basic principles of accomplishment and rode into the sunset of success. Will Smith is an excellent example of someone who’s always willing to learn new things about the world. For instance, he started his career as a rapper, for which he bagged multiple Grammys award. Then, he landed lead roles in television and movies and smashed that too. Now, he is expanding his massive social media influence.

Everyone has hardships and bad experiences in life.

In the same way, Will Smith also faced hard times and negative experiences. For instance, before stepping into his acting career, he was nearly insolvent for tax problems. However, he was able to rise up and became not only wealthy but also someone people look up to. He learned life’s lessons, and he continues to aspire, to inspire, and give his best to people he encounters or who is part of his industry.

Will Smith is definitely talking from the summit. It’d be wise to absorb these advices.

We all can take advantage of smith’s rules for success to become successful in life. What other celebrities do you think lead inspirational lives? Would love your thoughts. Feel free to comment or let me know on LinkedIn how you feel about any of these life lessons.

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5 Brilliant Life Lessons From Megastar Will Smith That You Need to Hear

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