Leonardo DiCaprio Under The Hood: 5 Game Changing Lessons To Break The Mold

Leonardo DiCaprio Under The Hood: 5 Game Changing Lessons To Break The Mold

Leonardo DiCaprio Under The Hood: 5 Game Changing Lessons To Break The Mold

Leonardo DiCaprio Under The Hood: 5 Game Changing Lessons To Break The Mold

Leonardo DiCaprio Under The Hood: 5 Game Changing Lessons To Break The Mold

Leonardo DiCaprio Under The Hood 5 Game Changing Lessons To Break The Mold

Leonardo DiCaprio Under The Hood: 5 Game Changing Lessons To Break The Mold

Who does not know the lead actor for Titanic, Romeo and Juliet, The Wolf of Wall Street, and Inception? Leonardo DiCaprio is a famous and successful actor, film producer, and also an environmental activist. Today, I’ve compiled my top 5 game changing lessons I’ve learned under the hood from Leonardo DiCaprio.

Leonardo DiCaprio is an American film actor, producer, environmentalist and social philanthropist.

He became world wide sensation, after release of James Cameron’s movie Titanic 1997. He has been nominated six times for Oscar but ultimately won his first Oscar in 2016 for his movie The Revenant. This very movie earned him his first BAFTA award too in 2016. He’s widely considered as the modern great of films, mainly due to his versatility and choices of tough roles.

Any celebrity we come across today has at least a few notorious scandals or controversies to his/her name.

There is hardly any celebrity out there who is known to do good things beyond filmdom and the camera. Not Leonardo DiCaprio though! This is one celebrity who has managed to win the hearts of countless individuals around the world with this real life good boy image. Far from many other celebrities who like to flaunt their latest arm candies to the tabloids and the public, Leonardo DiCaprio has been a very private person. During his entire Hollywood career, he has been known to keep his personal life out of the spotlight.

After decades of giving massive hits in the industry, Leonardo finally bagged his well-deserved Academy Award in 2016.

With passion as his driving power — not just for acting, but his films, his audience, and the world, Leonardo has shown us what success truly is. The actor has become a great inspiration for people around the globe and it’s only normal, that we extract a few lessons from the thoughts, beliefs, and life of this incredibly successful film star.

Plenty of inspirational lessons can be learnt from Leonardo DiCaprio’s career so far.

So I put down a set of points (not a bullet point article) to inspire myself and you too in doing an amazing success journey always. And given that his success has been a story foretold and widely aspired already, here are some game changing lessons from Leonardo DiCaprio about the success that anybody can easily relate to.

Lesson #1: Make an Impact

Leonardo DiCaprio Under The Hood: 5 Game Changing Lessons To Break The Mold - Make an Impact

When it comes to being successful, a lot of people equate it with money and fame, but not Leonardo DiCaprio. He believes that success is about doing something that impacts others. When he was on stage for winning his Oscar, he took away the limelight from himself as he received the award to highlight the potential threats and environmental issues the world is facing today. He says, “You can either be a vain movie star, or you can try to shed some light on different aspects of the human condition.”

According to Leonardo, money or fame doesn’t define your true worth. Rather, it’s the impact you make on others that really makes you a successful person.

Leonardo DiCaprio fully understands the fleeting nature of fame and realizes that putting fame into meaningful use is a far better way to impact the world. His Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation espouses these efforts. Leonardo DiCaprio puts his fame to meaningful use by using his position to create public awareness about environmental and humanitarian concerns. His purpose is to impact all those he can reach and ultimately make the world a better place. As he continues using his position to do good, he makes us all believe that we too can do the same — impact and improve the lives of others for a better world.

Even though Leonardo is a movie star with fame, fortune, and notoriety, he still uses his celebrity status to support causes and charities.

His foundation focuses on protecting biodiversity, ocean conservation, wild lands conservation, and climate change issues. No matter how successful your business becomes, never forget to give back to your community. And, it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. With something as simple as sponsoring a local youth soccer team, or purchasing ad space in a community program or fundraiser, you can show your customers that you’re invested and dedicated to the community, which can be great for business, and it’s also good karma!

We’re here to put a dent in the universe.”– a famous quote from Steve Jobs, the tech evolutionary icon.

The universe, according to Steve Jobs, is you. Through this metaphorical universe, he was referring to could be as big as the entire world as he knew it or as small as the world that exists in a relationship between two people. The dent is metaphorically leaving our mark on our lives. Or impacting on our sphere of influence in such a way that it changes the lives of the people in our universe. The word change metaphor as dent by Steve Jobs.

You have the power to make a positive impact in your community and the lives of others around the globe.

When it comes to choosing a career, we usually focus on things such as how much money we can earn and what we believe we have a natural talent for. But if you want to make a difference in the world, then it’s worthwhile thinking about the positive impact your job can have. You can’t do something big every day, but doing some small things contributing to change on a bigger scale will help greatly. The most important thing is to be aware of the power that you have through your actions and words, and the effect this can have on people and the world.

Lesson #2: Keep Pushing

Leonardo DiCaprio Under The Hood: 5 Game Changing Lessons To Break The Mold - Keep Pushing

When you watch movies from Leo, you will see that he is one of the most versatile and adaptable actors in the world. He can act as the bad guy, the aggressive businessman, or the romantic lad and truly bring out the role of the characters. One of the reasons for this is because he chooses to not stay too long in his comfort zone.

His versatility is well known and that equally implicates that his fame came when he constantly kept moving out of his comfort zone.

Other than being a very talented actor, Leonardo DiCaprio doesn’t rest on his laurels. His success at the Oscars this year is a culmination of many hours, days, weeks, months and years of pushing to outperform himself. Given the massive success from one movie to the next, DiCaprio could have easily remained in his comfort zone but this would have completely stagnated his career and made winning an Oscar all the more elusive. He chose a better path–that of betterment and pushing the boundaries to get to where he is.

Putting yourself in unfamiliar situations may be scary and uncertain but it also positions you for more opportunities than you would be exposed to in your comfort zone.

Today, Leonardo DiCaprio is very successful in the movie industry. He can choose to rest in his comfort zone if he wanted to. However, he did otherwise and chooses to outdo himself by accepting more challenging films and acting roles. This is what you must learn from Leo as well. Choose to get out of your comfort zone so that you can improve and become better at what you do. When you put yourself in an unfamiliar situation, you may feel scary and uncertain, but it also positions you for more opportunities than you would be exposed to.

Always try to brush up on your old ways, methods and techniques.

Trying better and better is a constant behavior not a stage to achieve. It is incredibly important if you want to be successful in life, career and business. Leo never took any formal acting coaching, but he did improvise and improve himself with every lost nomination and opportunity. He even took his formal training while he was producing his first movie. Never stop learning, even if you’ve accomplished a lot of your goals and feel in a good place. There is always room to become better and take on new projects and challenges.

As an entrepreneur, be creative and versatile. Do not restrict yourself doing things you are good at.

Try or learn things you fear doing and overcome that fear eventually. So the most important question for someone who wants to be successful today–and far into the future–is this: How do you evolve? To be more specific, how do you explore your passions and your creativity, and how do you figure out ways to continually develop or reinvent yourself and your businesses—both in a creative way, and to have a creative edge? Almost every company today seems to want people who are entrepreneurial in their thoughts and actions. Employers want people who will step up and make things happen–not sit back and wait for things to happen to them.

Lesson #3: Have Guts to Be Unique

Leonardo DiCaprio Under The Hood: 5 Game Changing Lessons To Break The Mold - Have Guts to Be Unique

Give your best for every given opportunity. Take every opportunity as your last chance and give your full with sincere efforts. This will create standout position for you, even if not immediately but definitely. Only this way you will be remembered in the minds of those, who will enable you to be great. You have to do what the 99% won’t. In order to realize our full potential, we must embrace the style that makes us unique — whatever it might be.

If you’re not being yourself, then you’re limiting the joy you could be experiencing in life.

Think of the pleasure, fun and satisfaction you miss out on if you’re not pursuing what you love, what you’re passionate about. Once you let go of needing to be just like everyone else, you’re free to do the things that make you sincerely happy. Besides, once you break out of your shell and feel confident in being yourself, you may find that you inspire others to do the same. People are often hesitant to stand out, but if they see others experiencing the freedom that comes with being comfortable in your own uniqueness, they may be encouraged to leave their pretenses behind.

You only have one life. Provided that the way you live it doesn’t harm anyone, you have the opportunity — one might even say the duty — to live it the way you see fit.

If you want to live it forward and become a great leader, you have to dare to be different. The reason? Most worthwhile goals require you to swim upstream. And let’s face it, swimming upstream is more challenging than floating downstream. That’s why the word “dare” fits so well with “different.” It takes guts to live it forward. But not just guts. Effort. Push. Drive. No person in this world is the same. Even twins are completely different in their own ways. In this day, a lot of people are too focused on being a part of a group, and being like someone else. This could not be more wrong. You should strive to be your own person, and achieving your own personal individuality.

It often seems like there is a simple choice we all need to make; it is a choice of intention and orientation.

These days, blending in or conforming unfortunately can mean keeping so busy with daily activities that there is little time to experience life more fully. On the other hand, not blending in can mean having a career or a hobby that few people may understand but which provides a lot of meaning and joy. All my experiences have combined to show me that we can work closely in society for success and well-being, while also following an individualistic path i.e. following the often mentioned sound of the distant drummer, our own inner voice.

Be careful: Masks are dangerous; they don’t merely hide but transform who we are. We become who we impersonate.

In a world that rewards flawless masks, it’s hard to separate our identity from what we pretend. The masks we wear might seem authentic, but they are just a disguise. When being yourself becomes the new fad, self-development is no longer a meaningful journey. The mandate to become different turns you into anything but authentic. Authenticity is about staying true to what you believe, not about your image— to be brave to express your genuine feelings and opinions.

Lesson #4: Don't Take Anything for Granted

Leonardo DiCaprio Under The Hood: 5 Game Changing Lessons To Break The Mold - Don't Take Anything for Granted

Life will throw many challenges at you. You will come so close to clinching the trophy only to miss out. How you respond to difficult times will determine how well you can actually overcome them to reach your desired goals. Successful people like Leonardo DiCaprio know how to quickly evaluate where they are, assess what works and what doesn’t, and forge forward with increased momentum.

While most people know Leonardo DiCaprio as a successful artist, many are unaware of the struggles and setbacks he experienced before getting to where he is.

You may have also faced similar situations in your life. Maybe, you set a goal and gave it your all to achieve it but didn’t receive the reward or result you expected. While it’s true that failure can be really disappointing, to be successful, you need to learn from Leo. No matter what the hurdles you face, keep moving in your track anyway. And if you face a roadblock, find another route that will take you to your destination. After all, what we perceive as ‘failure’ is usually just a stepping stone to success.

Do not take success for granted. It is a big mistake as consistent growth is crucial to success.

If you rest on your success, you risk losing it all. It is a bad idea to stay satisfied and happy with you current accomplishments. You have to exceed your own expectations. It is your personal growth that will truly drive your success. Avoid taking anything for granted. Never assume that you will be successful. Keep working and improving your skills. The world is always changing. What works today might not work tomorrow. There is always more competition and new technologies. There will always be issues and challenges. Do not take success for granted.

Leonardo understands that success is a journey and not a destination.

He started acting since age 19 and he has been active in his acting career for over 20 years. There are many movies he has acted in, some have been very successful and some have flopped. This is pretty much the way of life. Success will not come to you overnight no matter how talented or hard work you are. Success is a constant series of wins and losses. Sometimes you will win and sometimes you do not. It is not a destination, but a journey where you wake up each day, face the challenges and do it all over again.

From downright bad movies to blockbusters, Leonardo DiCaprio has been right at the heart of it all.

He began his acting career at 19 and the 40-year old actor had to wait 21 years to win an Oscar when it could be argued he should have won many times prior to this. Many of his movies have been successful while a few have flopped–this is pretty much the way life is and the most successful people understand this fact and are able to keep doing what they do best. As you work towards your goals, look for those moments where you cannot turn the opportunity down. Find that one thing you know will lead to success and find your way on board.

Lesson #5: It's Okay to Fail

Leonardo DiCaprio Under The Hood: 5 Game Changing Lessons To Break The Mold - It's Okay to Fail

Many see Leonardo DiCaprio as a successful movie actor, but little did people know that he has gone through many failures in his career. There have been numerous times that he expected to win the Oscar but never did. He can complain as much as he wants, but he chooses to focus on finding the next big role.

You may have faced similar situations in your life.

Perhaps, you entered a competition and lost, or maybe you set a goal, work hard, but did not achieve the result you desire. While it is true that failure stings and hurts, but to be successful, you have to learn from Leo and question why you have not succeeded yet and look for ways to improve and do things differently. Rather than throwing your tantrum and complaining, choose to take charge of your life and understand that failure is an inevitable part of success. It is alright to fail because your failures can serve as your stepping stones to success.

While it’s true that failure can be really disappointing, to be successful, you need to learn from Leo.

No matter what the hurdles you face, keep moving in your track anyway. And if you face a roadblock, find another route that will take you to your destination. After all, what we perceive as ‘failure’ is usually just a stepping stone to success. Face rejection of your dreams and keep moving forward. Never let anything knock you down and stop you in the pursuit of your goals. As human beings, we all share something in common: we make mistakes, and we sometimes fail. Successful people are no different to you and me, but they do approach failure different to most. They do not fear it. They do not let it hold them back. If anything, they ensure it leads them to greatness.

Highly successful people are the ones who have failed the most.

We fail forward by learning from our setbacks and making the necessary adjustments until we succeed. Every change we make, every person we meet, and every bit of information we absorb is coming together so we can create a different outcome. We can’t stop obstacles from appearing in life, but we can choose how to handle them. They may block our vision temporarily, but if we persevere then we can discover opportunities that have always been waiting for us on the other side. As we get more efficient with this process, we enable ourselves to see the positive side in even the toughest of situations.

The sooner we stop shaming our failures, the easier it will be to turn them to our advantage.

It’s far better to do something imperfectly than to do nothing perfectly. The only true failure is doing nothing–inaction puts everything at risk. When we do nothing, it means we are not moving anywhere. And that is a surefire way to stay in failure. All that is required for failure to triumph is for us to do nothing. Many successful people have experienced some kind of failure–and they build on those lessons. Learning to fail well means learning to understand your mistakes. In every mistake there is a potential for growth.

Wrapping Up

Leonardo DiCaprio Under The Hood 5 Game Changing Lessons To Break The Mold Final Thoughts
I just really love doing what I do. I know every career is fleeting and there will be time periods when I don’t get the opportunities that I’m getting right now, so I am taking advantage of them.<span class="su-quote-cite">Leonardo DiCaprio</span>

The real Leonardo DiCaprio is no less of an inspiration himself. We all know that he must have gotten his Oscar years back he did but he doesn’t let it affect him. And as he says, “If you can do what you do best and be happy, you’re further along in life than most people.”

For sure, we’ll see much more of Leonardo DiCaprio over the years — his approach to his career has always been an inspiring one.

If you want to apply some of DiCaprio’s lessons in your own life and business then approach “failure” as feedback and forge ahead once you have learnt what you need to learn. Stay humble and understand that success is a journey, not a destination. Finally, always push yourself and extend your comfort zone. This is where you’ll experience the greatest personal growth.

Leo makes out most of life and interests. He never believed in compromising on things he loves to do.

While it’s normal to idolize our favorite stars for their style, looks, and lifestyle, it is essential to realize that many of these stars are more than just their good looks, fame, and money. Many movie stars, music artists, and other famous celebrities have more to offer and to inspire in your life. Hopefully, these important lessons from Leonardo DiCaprio will help inspire you and bring perspective to your life.

Leonardo DiCaprio also is uniquely inspiring to me because he’s showing how much he cares about our world.

He is one of the most well-known and talented actors. He went from small roles to something big, but most of all he is inspiring because he isn’t only focused on his career. He is determined to help our environment and cares about those in need of help. Leonardo DiCaprio is a hero because he will be remembered for more than just being an actor but also as a humanitarian who helped change the world.

Your calling, your rules! Never give up as success might just be around the corner. You just need to go ahead and meet it.

Relentless work in an everlasting quest to reach as many people as possible and make their lives better. That should be always your North Star. If you enjoyed this article, please share your thoughts in the comments below. That would be incredible and appreciated!

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Leonardo DiCaprio Under The Hood: 5 Game Changing Lessons To Break The Mold

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