Kim Kardashian – Life-changing Business & Life Lessons She Taught Us

Kim Kardashian – Life-changing Business & Life Lessons She Taught Us

Kim Kardashian – Life-changing Business & Life Lessons She Taught Us

Kim Kardashian – Life-changing Business & Life Lessons She Taught Us

Kim Kardashian – Life-changing Business & Life Lessons She Taught Us

Kim Kardashian - Life-changing Business & Life Lessons She Taught Us

Kim Kardashian — Life-changing Business & Life Lessons She Taught Us

Even if you’re not one of the millions “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” every week, it’s hard to miss the global influence of pop culture sensation Kim Kardashian West. Kim Kardashian is arguably one of the most popular and polarizing figures in celebrity today. She’s considered the 10th most influential person across all of social media, with over 300 million followers across her various platforms. Kim Kardashian built an empire beyond the wildest dreams of many and that’s the reason why I’m up for sharing with you today some of her life-changing lessons.

Although Kim Kardashian is neither an actress nor singer, the socialite has several things to teach us.

She was first famous and only then worked as a model. Kim also worked as an actress in some movies, never having taken acting classes in her life. She has been the cover model for the most prestigious cover magazines like Elle, Vogue and Glamour, among others. Many criticize the fact that she is taking the place of a model, but the truth is that it does not matter, since she substitutes the talent with charisma.

When it comes to business and people, there really isn’t much of a difference in between them.

The only difference is that personal brands, on average, tend to last longer than companies do. Both parties embrace branding, marketing and sales. They just do them in a slightly different way. But if companies were to embrace what Kim Kardashian did, it would propel their businesses into success. Kim is brilliant when it comes to the art of the personal brand. She knows how to get herself exposed and straight into the spotlight and leverage her personal brand into money making machines. What she does best is she stacks her success.

Love her or hate her, there is no denying that Kim Kardashian is a force to be reckoned with and the ultimate brand powerhouse.

Kim Kardashian regularly finds herself in the middle of controversy and is often the topic of conversation for her outrageous antics (like breaking the internet by posing nude on the cover of Paper Magazine). So yes, there is a lot we could talk about on the topic of KKW, and I’m sure you already have your own opinion about it all. But regardless of what people say or think, the fact is, we can actually learn a lot from a brand perspective about her success — because let’s face it — KKW is a brand machine.

So, looking at Kim Kardashian, here are some life-changing lessons that we can all learn from the woman who broke the internet.

According to Forbes, Kim Kardashian’s net worth is estimated at $1.2 billion in 2021. From a sketchy sex tape to a business and media empire, you have to admit that Kim Kardashian has had one heck of a career trajectory with plenty of ups and downs. What are some lessons we can learn from her rise to a business mogul? Let’s dive in!

Lesson #1: Step outside The Comfort Zone

Kim Kardashian - Life-changing Business & Life Lessons She Taught Us - Step outside The Comfort Zone

I have an entire blog post about this, and I am a huge advocate for pushing your boundaries and stepping outside of your comfort zone. But let’s talk about Kim stepping outside of hers. Who remembers Vintage KUWTK where Kim was invited to do a Playboy magazine shoot and she didn’t know it would be a nude shoot? She became very nervous about it and even tried to back out of the shoot because she really didn’t want to be nude. Eventually, she came up with an agreement with Playboy where she would be covered with pearls so she wasn’t completely exposed.

Getting out of your comfort zone is the initial step towards achieving greatness.

Kim Kardashian wanted to redefine beauty. She went off and got naked on the cover of a few magazines. These types of moves both empower and anger the general population. It makes the believers feel that they too can live the dream of being true to who they are, while it angers the traditionalists. This controversy keeps the Kardashian names in the media and keeps the focus on their brands, so they are continually talked about. Think about it: You’re not growing because you refuse to get uncomfortable. You’re not growing because you refuse to engage in new experiences. You’re stagnant, way too deep into your comfort zone.

Kim Kardashian invented the “contouring“, a makeup technique that highlights the best features of a face and hides its imperfections.

The technique is very simple to apply, so it jumped to very fast success. The ‘contouring‘ has millions of views on Youtube-never before a makeup technique had been so popular. This method helped women around the world to feel better about themselves, as they discovered that they could also look like a celebrity. The fans understood that to look great is not something exclusive for famous people, but with good aesthetic advice, anyone can look perfect. Beauty is accessible to all.

One of the six fundamental human needs which we all need fulfilling at some level is the need for growth.

The only difference between high achievers and the rest is they spend more of their time fulfilling this need by spending it in the growth zone. One of the skills they learn to master in life is being comfortably uncomfortable and having the determination to succeed. When you start to challenge yourself to step out from your comfort zone a natural momentum occurs. What can seem like small marginal gains start to stack together and the multiplying effect of the small gains in a number of areas creates a force and rhythm which becomes self-perpetuating. It just cannot be stopped.

Getting out of your comfort zone is where those dreams can become goals and those goals can become your reality.

Although it feels real, the ‘comfort zone’ is an artificial construct, a mental concept that has no physical manifestation in the real world: it’s a boundary you’ve created that exists only in your own mind. Focusing on growth rather than comfort is empowering. It will give you a more positive outlook as even the worst situations offer opportunities to grow; it gets you focused on the present, as every new situation is a fresh opportunity and your past doesn’t have to determine your future; and it involves taking responsibility for your own experience, creating the life you want with each opportunity that you grasp.

Lesson #2: It Takes a Village

Kim Kardashian - Life-changing Business & Life Lessons She Taught Us - It Takes a Village

As one of the infamous Kardashian-Jenner sisters, wife to renowned rapper Kanye West and mother to four kids under six years old, Kim Kardashian is a member of one of the biggest families in entertainment history. But, no matter how big (and how famous) this modern-day family grows, Kardashian West is always ready to support her loved ones both onscreen and off.

Having a tight-knit family and/or group of friends, are what will help you weather even the rockiest of storms.

And I’m convinced that it’s the support of the Jenner-Kardashian family that gave Kim the strength to not only move past the sex tape scandal, but to turn it into an empire worth tens of millions of dollars at a time when Paris Hilton has faded into relative obscurity (at least by the media’s standards). The lesson: cultivate and nurture your tribe, because sometimes, that’s all you’ll have to lean on. The people you spend the most time with make you. You are their average. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying to ditch all of your old friends for new ones, I’m simply saying to expand your network of connections to include connections who understand and support your new endeavors as well!

Life is hard enough – we don’t always win, and there will always be obstacles and naysayers along our path to success.

During those times, nothing feels better than having someone you can share your fears and doubts with: friends and mentors that not only listen, but also cheer you on to be the best you can be. “Get back in there and do better! You can do it!” They give you energy and help you propel forward. Find and focus on relationships with those who can share their wins and positive vibes and help you realize that you can do the same. Life is too short for the negativity. Highly successful people are generally willing to share what it really takes to make things happen. They have the ability to help you learn from the mistakes they’ve made along the way and the “tricks and tips” to help you reach your goals faster. Seek out leaders of your field and get some real face time with them.

Family means so much more than nice dinners on the weekend. It can be a deep source of spiritual sustenance and meaning.

Family isn’t all sunshine and roses: but for better or worse it teaches you the values that guide you. Our parents, guardians, or relatives who raise us have more power than anyone will ever have for the rest of our lives. They can shape our minds and hearts in powerful and lasting ways. That said, some families are more supportive than others, but for those blessed with a caring and attendant family, the benefits are numerous. When life gets hard, people need support. This can be emotional and/or financial support. Someone going through rough times will turn to their family if they trust them to provide encouragement and love.

Achieving success in business requires the support of mentors, cheerleaders, coaches and partners.

Professionals may hit a few targets with a selfish “I’ve-got-this-myself” approach, but it’s only likely to occur in lucky spurts. A lifetime of victories, however, is rooted in the inspirational backing of a team. To find yourself with dependable backers, you must be willing to return the favor, remain humble and share your success. A great team beats a great individual any day. When you surround yourself with other like-minded folks with a winning mindset, you benefit from fresh ideas, profound insight and good energy.

Lesson #3: Show up Consistently

Kim Kardashian - Life-changing Business & Life Lessons She Taught Us - Show up Consistently

Kim Kardashian is not afraid to establish relationships with her fans, which made her stand out from other celebrities as she first rose to fame. Kardashian has always prided herself in being approachable, even in the worst moments of the press hounding her. It’s hard to consider someone with such an extravagant lifestyle to be like you, but when you recognize there’s still the same feelings and emotions behind a person, it can shift perspective and in a business sense, create loyalty.

Social networks would be nothing without Kim Kardashian.

She lives through social networks. The reality superstar shares all aspects of her life through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. She also shares photos of her children, surely to accustom them to fame right from the start. Kim believes that the best thing for them is that they live the fame in harmony, without being scared by the paparazzi or journalists. She thinks that if she hides her kids from the media, they would have a hard time being adults. The reality is that Kim and Kanye West are famous and their children should get used to it.

Kim Kardashian knew that the only way she would continue to grow her audience was if she showed some love to her fans.

She engaged and connected with her audience. This kept the steady growth of her social media accounts to hit the millions they are at today. Once Kim started to gather our attention, her social media profiles started to inflate. She knew that a lot of people would follow her just because of her sex tape, but she didn’t want that to be all she was known for. She defined herself as a trend setter, then laid out the foundation of who she was through her social media accounts. No one is a stranger to stereotypes, including Kim whose recent pledge to become a law student received more than a fair share of raised eyebrows. Yet, time and time again she rises above those preconceived notions and proves she doesn’t belong in a box.

Apart from the noticeable break she took back in 2016 following the Paris incident where she was robbed at gunpoint , Kim has been showing up consistently to her fans since 2007.

Whether it’s through her wildly popular reality show; giving us a peek into her glam life on social media; or the many media endorsements she has, no doubt you will see Kim on one of her various channels. It’s not a coincidence her ubiquitous presence has led to creating such a powerful brand — basically because we can’t forget about her! The reality is that showing up consistently builds trust with your audience that you’re here to stay; and it also lets them better get to know you and keep you top of mind. Even if they don’t purchase from you today or next week, or even next month — when the time comes, you want your brand to be the one they think of when they have the problem you can help them solve!

“Girl, every week is Fashion Week!”

From a self-confessed fashionista, this is one to bookmark. The Kardashians are undeniable fashion icons. From Kim’s brazen outfits to Kendall’s offbeat hipster looks, there isn’t an area of fashion that this family hasn’t conquered. We all remember Kim’s daring platinum blonde look for Paris Fashion Week. As controversial as it was, it showed that Kim Kardashian was brave and welcomes change. Sometimes, we’re afraid of trying new things in fear of being judged, but like Kim, we ought to be daring. Don’t be afraid to try out a new look. A new hair color doesn’t have to be permanent. You never know, you might like the new you.

Lesson #4: Follow Your Dreams

Kim Kardashian - Life-changing Business & Life Lessons She Taught Us - Follow Your Dreams

Can you imagine all of the hate, criticism, and horrible comments Kim gets each and every day in her life? People still to this day have so many negative things to say about her, about how she rose to fame, about how she doesn’t have any talent and everything in between. Kim Kardashian has said many times that she was made to be famous and she knows that this is the path that was meant for her. She does have to have an incredibly thick skin to live this lifestyle.

Controversy is hard to deal with. When haters hate, most people break down.

I’ve been hated on before and I rolled over. The Kardashians on the other hand, they have thick skin. They don’t care what anyone else thinks, they own what they do. By being confident and owning what you do, no matter the opinion of others, it turns you into a bold leader. There will always be haters. As well as amassing a large group of fans, Kim has an equally large number of people that don’t agree with who she is or what she has achieved. Rather than letting these people get her down, Kim has used their criticism as fuel. Her fame has increased despite the negative criticism that she gets. It’s easy to have our spirits dampened by haters, but we shouldn’t let this affect us. We will be successful whether other people approve of us or not so let’s continue on our journeys.

You may not like Kim Kardashian, but there is no reason to publicly disrespect her and her life on social media. Still though, many people do.

But Kim has done nothing but flourish over the years despite all of the criticism and I truly applaud her for that. I think having a thick skin is a lesson we can all learn from Kim. We need to live our lives, focus on what makes us happy, and don’t worry about the criticism we might face. At the end of the day, nobody else is living our lives. What’s crazy is that people told Kim that she was famous for being famous and they had so much hate for her and now she is using her massive platform to change the world and make a positive impact on people’s lives. I think that is just so wonderful! 

Life’s an uphill battle, filled with obstacles and tests. Anyone chasing a dream knows that there is no smooth road, and it’s the journey along the way that builds the person at the end.

Success wouldn’t be success without the trials and tribulations it takes to get there, because anything worth achieving must involve some sacrifice and hardship. Many times, the hardest obstacles to pass on your way to achieving your dreams are the people you meet along the way, the people waiting to see you fail. The words and opinions of others can impede us from the next step, bruising our egos enough to give up right then and there. Haters are necessary to your achievement. We need that voice in our heads, pushing us when we want to give up. We need haters to keep us going, they are our fuel. Because sometimes it’s the opinions of others that matter more than your own.

The opinions of others compose a very powerful force.

Most of our daily actions are molded around other people’s perception of us. Knowing this, we must learn to use our obsession with people’s opinions as a positive factor in our success. Rather than letting the words of others bring us down, we must learn to harness the power of those words to motivate us towards our goal. When you have no fire under your ass, you’re not going to run as fast. If you have a group of people waiting for your demise, you are only going to work that much harder. Usually the opinions of haters are just masks of envy and respect. Their opinion should be nothing more than a flattering token of someone wishing they could do what you’re doing.

Lesson #5: Nobody's Perfect

Kim Kardashian - Life-changing Business & Life Lessons She Taught Us - Nobody's Perfect

With her life broadcast in the media for more than a decade, Kim Kardashian has been openly raw about personal problems many of us face, from health conditions to relationship issues, showing us that we are all strong enough to overcome even the toughest challenges if we are honest with ourselves and others.

If there’s someone who tries to find the positivity in every negative situation, it’s certainly Kim Kardashian.

Kim has lived a considerable amount of trauma and tragedy in the public eye. Her public life was kickstarted by the release of a private sex tape, allegedly without Kardashian’s consent. While the lore around the release has been questioned over the years, what is certain is that Kardashian got the last laugh. For some or even many other celebrities, having a sex tape leaked could have been a career-ending move. Though she’s been greatly criticized for it, Kardashian parlayed one of the most embarrassing moments of her life into a career, for better or worse.

Being vulnerable will help you embrace the strange (interesting) and quirky (unique) things that make you special.

Kim struggled with fertility issues before North was born. This obviously took its toll on her but she kept smiling. She reminds us girls that life doesn’t always go to plan — things don’t happen at exactly the time we want them to. But instead of letting it get to us, looking on the positive side is the best thing to do. Disadvantages in life, especially big ones, can make us feel like a victim of our circumstances or situation. Those forces are often out of our control; but, it is always our choice to decide whether we’re a victim or a survivor. We can choose to be strong or weak. Big disadvantages are full of opportunities to develop the mental toughness it takes to overcome them.

Whenever we may face a bump in our career, it’s important to look at all angles to see how you can turn an impossibly bad situation into a good one.

Turning lemons into lemonade is probably Kim Kardashian’s biggest strength. Having a private home video leaked for the world to see is probably every person’s worst nightmare. Instead of hiding in a hole (which would be my natural reaction), she milked every ounce out of that limelight. She immediately signed up for a reality TV show and a Playboy cover. In fact, she changed the narrative. Instead of having the world focus only on the trashy nature of a sex tape, she opened the doors to her family, showing the world her other dimensions as a sister and a daughter.

Beauty, brains and body — Kim Kardashian has it all! For more than a decade, the reality star has been turning heads with her curves at every event she’s attended and all over her social media.

Known for her iconic curves that shattered beauty norms and launched an industry-wide movement towards more diverse standards, Kim Kardashian encourages body positivity in not only herself, but also her followers, showing us self-confidence is the first step to beauty. And not being afraid to take a selfie is a close second. Fully embracing your weaknesses is the only way to work on them. Doing so allows you to make positive changes in your life and creates opportunities for growth. Working on your weaknesses can yield amazing results. For instance, low self-confidence might be hindering your ability to attain success and happiness. In this case, focusing on that particular weakness and taking full responsibility for it would produce several positive changes. It would likely unveil hidden potential and create significant momentum in your life.

Wrapping Up

Kim Kardashian - Life-changing Business & Life Lessons She Taught Us Final Thoughts
If I don’t feel confident about my body, I’m not going to sit at home and feel sorry for myself and not do something about it. It’s all about taking action and not being lazy. So you do the work, whether it’s fitness or whatever. It’s about getting up, motivating yourself and just doing it.Kim Kardashian

Having a mentor, taking care of your appearance, getting your foot in the door–any door–and keeping supportive friends and family close by are steps that I encourage everyone to take in order to move their career forward and achieve their goals. Hey, it’s worked for Kim Kardashian so far.

Many critics wanted to destroy the television career of Kim Kardashian but have failed to do so.

Her reality show ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians‘ is so funny and everyone loves it. No family in the world has been encouraged to show all aspects of their private lives as they have. Many criticize them but nobody can stop looking at them. Their reality show is too addictive and we always want to know more about them. The great difference between them and the common people is the millions of dollars they earn just for being famous. Many would like to be like them, but few acknowledge it, for fear of being labeled a fool.

Whether you’re a fan or completely indifferent, you can’t deny that Kim is a successful businesswoman who is able to turn her hand to anything.

You can learn a lot from her drive to succeed — if everyone took notice, we’d all have happier businesses. The basis to the foundation of the whole Kardashian family is how they stack their successes. All through Kim’s career, she leveraged each success that came her way and double downed on it. This gave her family the ability to double down on their successes as well. Then the whole family grew together.

There will always be a limit to how well we relate to a life of front-row Fashion Week. 

Or private jets. Or $1 million Swarovski-encrusted fridges. Then again, the way Kim Kardashian leads her life is worth taking a look at. People are mostly on the fence when it comes to the Kardashians. While hundreds of millions of us follow this family on social media, an equal amount is wishing that this family would disappear. Newsflash — they’re not going anywhere. In fact, they’re teaching us quite a lot.

What ways are you or your company stacking your successes to propel you forward?

Maybe you’re going to take the things you’ve learned from Kim Kardashian and apply them in your own life and you can’t wait to see where it takes you. Leave a comment below and tell me your favorite moment on Keeping up with the Kardashians and what’s inspired you the most.

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Kim Kardashian – Life-changing Business & Life Lessons She Taught Us

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