📈 5 Startup Lessons You Can Learn from HBO’s Silicon Valley

f you enjoy watching comedy series, or you’re a tech enthusiast, chances are that you have heard about HBO’s Silicon Valley. The story is about a startup in Silicon Valley, called Pied Piper, and the struggles they face to fulfill their goal, which is to change the way we browse the internet. While this comedy show is a hilarious work of fiction, there are some very real startup lessons hopeful entrepreneurs can learn while watching.

📈 Five Business Lessons I’ve Learned From TV Series Suits

Have you ever thought about learning business lessons from a TV show? If not, Suits should be on top of your list. The USA Network TV show Suits provides business lessons for everyone to use while exploring the world of corporate lawyers and their legal endeavors. While the program is set in a fictional law firm setting, I realized that each episode offers some insight into effective business acumen. Let us try to delve into some of the business lessons that one can learn from Suits.

🔓 Five Fascinating Life & Business Lessons from Breaking Bad You Cannot Afford To Miss

Walter White of Breaking Bad is one of the most interesting protagonists in television history. He’s certainly a cunning character, but he also contains an incredible amount of depth. You may not think a show about producing and selling drugs could teach us anything, but you would be wrong. Here are five fascinating life & business lessons that we have learned from Walter White, the ultimate anti-hero of Breaking Bad.

📈 Five Winning Ideas From Canva Co-Founder Melanie Perkins

At just 34 years of age, Melanie Perkins is one of the youngest females to run a tech company valued over $1 billion, has been named the second-wealthiest woman in Australia, and the company that she co-founded, Canva, was recently valued at $40 billion. With the success of Canva, Melanie Perkins was named one of Forbes Asia’s 30 Under 30 list in 2016. If that’s not enough reason to be her fan, here are five winning ideas from Canva Co-Founder Melanie Perkins you can’t afford to miss…

🔓 Here’s Why Being Open Minded Can Dramatically Improve Your Life

One of the things about beliefs, opinions, and goals is that everyone has them. Sometimes our opinions are so strong that nothing can make us change them. Sometimes that can be a good thing, but sometimes that can hinder your personal growth. Open-mindedness plays a significant role in living a happy and satisfying life. Here’s why being open-minded can dramatically improve your life.

📈 Kim Kardashian – Life-changing Business & Life Lessons She Taught Us

Even if you’re not one of the millions “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” every week, it’s hard to miss the global influence of pop culture sensation Kim Kardashian West. Kim Kardashian is arguably one of the most popular and polarizing figures in celebrity today. She’s considered the 10th most influential person across all of social media, with over 300 million followers across her various platforms. Kim Kardashian built an empire beyond the wildest dreams of many and that’s the reason why I’m up for sharing with you today some of her life-changing lessons.

📚 5 Powerful Negotiation Tips From Never Split The Difference

Chris Voss was an FBI agent for 24 years. He worked his way up to being the top kidnapping negotiator in the entire FBI organization. In his best-seller ‘Never Split The Difference’, he shares the essential negotiation tips that he used to successfully negotiate with terrorists, bank robbers and other criminals who had taken a hostage. Ordinary people will learn how to best negotiate in their own lives, with their spouse or at work.

📚 5 Powerful Lessons & Key Takeaways From The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

In his New York Times bestselling book The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck, Mark Manson talks about how you can master the delicate art of not caring by directing your energy, attention, and care to things that matter the most to you — things that you truly desire and find genuinely fulfilling. Rather than your typical book review for Mark Manson’s The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck, I’m going to share 5 of the lessons and my takeaways that I learned from the book.