🔓 5 Life Lessons From Former Professional Footballer David Beckham

With more than 20 years of professional play on the pitch, David Beckham regarded as one of the all time greats thanks to his passing precision and his ability to make the ball bend or curl to his liking every time he kicked it. From dealing with pressure, to being a role model, David Beckham has insights to share into the most important life lessons he’s learnt along his journey.

📈 Five Lessons Any Entrepreneur Can Learn from The Movie Moneyball

Moneyball is a 2011 movie based of Michael Lewis’ book that details the Oakland Athletics baseball team and their 2002 season managed by Billy Beane (played by Brad Pitt). Moneyball is the true story about how the Oakland A’s, a small-market team, used a revolutionary strategy to compete with large-market teams, despite having far less money. There are a few lessons any entrepreneur can learn from the movie Moneyball in order to revolutionize the field they’re playing in.

🔓 5 Strategic Ways to Win The Upcoming Post-Pandemic War for Talent

It’s a war zone out there, isn’t it? Not only may your company be battling literally every other organization out there to attract talent, but with how workers are now leaving their current jobs in droves, you’re also fighting the war of retaining talent. Here are five strategic ways leaders and organizations can create best-in-class employee experiences and win the war for talent.

🌀 Five Winning Strategies to Foster a People-First Culture at Work

Leaders know how important employees are to their business, but how many intentionally build a people-first culture? People-first cultures are rooted in a philosophy that values people over profits. The ironic twist is that when employees are valued as whole individuals and provided the opportunity for well-being, connection, and fulfillment, companies are generally more innovative, resilient, and even profitable. Today I’m going to share with you five strategies to foster a people-first culture in your organization.

🔓 Five Business Lessons Spotify Has Taught Us Over The Years

Since its launch, Spotify has been an unquestionable success. But how did they get here? And what can we learn from their journey to the top? Here, we like to keep our eye on superstar brands like Spotify to find actionable insights that you can use in your own business strategies. Spotify is a digital music service with more than 170+ million users. Find out which business strategies this popular service has used to maintain its appeal.

📈 5 Startup Lessons You Can Learn from HBO’s Silicon Valley

f you enjoy watching comedy series, or you’re a tech enthusiast, chances are that you have heard about HBO’s Silicon Valley. The story is about a startup in Silicon Valley, called Pied Piper, and the struggles they face to fulfill their goal, which is to change the way we browse the internet. While this comedy show is a hilarious work of fiction, there are some very real startup lessons hopeful entrepreneurs can learn while watching.